February 15, 2009

Color Me Green

I'm so tired tonight I can barely blog.

I had an instructor today who decided I was ready for the blue slopes, although I really only wanted to do green. (For those who don't ski it goes green, blue, blue/black, black... on up those diamond counts.)

At one point I nearly quit my lesson. I was on the top of a hill looking down, I was frustrated by the past hill, and horrified by the state of the current hill as it had already been overskiied, and for the first time I thought, "I hate this very much."

I spent most of the lesson hating it to be honest. He kept saying to be a better skiier you have to push yourself.

I told him on one of our lift rides, that I don't really need to be better. I don't need to be blue. I'm content to do green and just casually and slowly ski around... and I'd not be bored.

I told him my personal life, my real life was big stress. I don't want my vacation to be big stress.

I don't think he got it. You who read me... get it. There are times I'm so stressed I worry I'm on the cusp of a heart attack. I can hardly breath at times.

I don't want my vacation to be that way.

He was an EXCELLENT instructor and I learned a lot. I learned a lot perpetually being on the edge of a controlled crash... for 3 hours.

In the end... I realize however, he was right. It was 3 hours of mostly pure suckage with me trying not to vomit as I made my way down the mountain, but... the last hour, we hit some greens I'd done yesterday and whereas I took those greens very slowly yesterday, today I literally FLEW through them, enjoying them immensely.

At the end he also took us on some blues that had hardly been skiied. I flew down them with no stress.

He showed me the worst kind of slopes and the best and took me down the easiest to rebuild my confidence.

So it was worth it... but there were times, I was truly hating life.

I'll never be a Black Diamond Girl.

And I'm OK with that.

Because... in real life, I'm a Double Black Diamond Girl.

On vacation... I just prefer to be Green... with speed.

Posted by Boudicca at February 15, 2009 11:17 PM | TrackBack

Oh wow! You had a great instructor! although, I know you really really wanted to lynch him a time or two!

You are right though, sometimes they don't read their students well enough.

However, very glad you all had a good time!

Posted by: Nina at February 15, 2009 11:44 PM

Oh yeah - I really really get that. Of course it's nice that you ended up doing so well later on the easier slopes, but it's still vacay... the question becomes "how necessary is it to be a black diamond girl". Heh.

Posted by: Teresa at February 15, 2009 11:49 PM

Nina- There were times I wanted to beat the ever living sh*t out of him with my skis. He had to stay close to coax me on. But... the last hour I felt completely different. I really loved him at the end... something else he predicted. I was definitely misread. But... then I think maybe not. I think maybe he thought his goal for me should be to love the Green slopes more and if that's the case, he was right. I enjoyed them before, but I love them now. I can fly and feel confident.

Teresa- Man, I do not need to be a black diamond girl on the slopes. I don't have to prove anything to anyone... not there. I live that life in my real life... not on frickin' vacation.

And they DO NOT look fun to me. I don't understand what people think is thrilling about it. The sense of accomplishment? I'm not sure.

But its pretty and quiet and I don't need an adrenaline rush on vacation. If I wanted that, I'd put on my running shoes.

I've done 26.2. I feel no need to go mach 3 with my hair on fire down the slopes.

Perhaps that's my new marathon attitude talking. "I've done 26.2. Screw You." Heh.

Posted by: Bou at February 15, 2009 11:58 PM

I need your endurance for next year!! I wanted to continue skiing, but my muscles just would not do what I was telling them to do, and I was not slowing down like I wanted to. I finally got scared that I would hurt myself since I was losing some control...and went to the bar/lodge :-)

Next year, it'll be different. I will be in better shape.

I am SO glad you guys are having so much fun! I can't wait to see pictures.

Posted by: Sissy at February 16, 2009 12:00 AM

I can honestly say that training for that marathon has been a HUGE help in this skiing business. My flexibility SUCKS and the ankle issues do hinder my turning, but I am not sore at all and I can keep up with the kids. I could ski all day. Its at night when I sit down that I think, "Crap. I'm frickin' tired as hell."

Posted by: Bou at February 16, 2009 12:09 AM

Altitude.....and the cold...and the dry air...

Yeah, its invigorating! But Boy Howdy a body burns a helluva lot of calories working at altitude, in the cold. And it takes a lot of water and electrolytes to stay hydrated.

I don't downhill ski anymore. Issues with old broken bones and a metal plate in my hip...and frankly...age and arthritis play a big factor.

I miss it. I DON'T miss the current cost for a lift ticket and the selfish, hotdog, mountain hounds who think that the friggin' slopes belong to them....skiers or boarders both.

To keep in shape we used to hike and climb at altitude during the off season. Then we would make "runs" downhill thru the trees, jumping off rocks and simulating quick turns to keep our balance and reflexes tuned.

Heh....That was in the dark ages....the seventies and early eighties.

Now, well, I do a little cross-country skiing just to break the Winter monotony and blow the stink of Cabin Fever out of my psyche.

I am so-o-o-o glad y'all had a good time. And do come back to visit. Let me know when you do. I love being a tour guide!

Posted by: Sven in Colorado at February 16, 2009 12:23 PM

Bou - The blues go higher up the mountain and the views are so much better up there. Now you also know the difference between skiing groomed slopes and slopes that have been chopped up. One of the improvements I have made in my skiing this year is skiing on chopped up slopes.

Posted by: Denny at February 16, 2009 04:27 PM

Sven- I can see where after awhile it would wear on the bones. There was a point I thought, "This can't be great for the joints." All the angles and pressures.

I"m not sure I burned any calories! I feel like I chunked out this vacation. Heh. But I had to be, there were times I was so hot, on the top of the mountain I was thinking skiing naked would have some great side benefits. I had every vent in my jacket open and had it unzipped.

We had a SUPER time and we're trying to figure out if we can afford to do it again. Its a great way to spend some serious family time.

Denny- My kids... were all over the mono-ski. I need to do a post on it, but they were all over watching a guy do the black slopes on one. They think he is king and went on and on about it. Very cool.

I need more practice to do chopped up slopes. I'm too much of a novice to try that stuff... my turns still are too... wedgey at times. I can't get my inside ski to move consistently. I'm at 75% and when I'm tired, I go all wedgey under stress. So it was too much for me.

I needed to ski for a few more days before I attempted chopped up blues. I lived... I didn't tumble down the mountain... but well... I need to remember to post about that one fall...

Posted by: Bou at February 16, 2009 10:50 PM