April 08, 2009

Imitating B.O.B.

We took the Chupa to her first movie tonight.

The Drive-In.

Monsters vs. Aliens.

Holy crap. Now THAT is the way to see a movie with a baby. Of course she never made a peep, but just in case, all we would have had to do was sequester to the car and nobody would have been disturbed.

It was nice and cool out, she was wrapped in a blanket, and she just lay in her Mama's arms and slept in the cool air as we watched the movie.

To get to the Drive In, we have to pass a State Penitentary. I'm not sure what prison it is, but I hear its one of those high secure types that holds the really bad guys.

My boys had never seen one or been near one.

I remembered we had to pass the Penitentary on the way and said to Mo as we got close, "Isn't the Atlanta State Pen near here?"

She answered to the affirmative and Bones said from the back, "Atlanta State Pen? What's that?"

And here we were driving through the vast stretch of land that is Atlanta with not a drop of water in sight, when the following conversation ensued to the best of my recollection:

Mo: Prison. There is a prison here.

Bones: Really?

Mo: Yup.

Bones: Is it on an island?



Mo: *blink*

Me: *blink*

Me: Umm... Baby, that's Alcatraz.

Mo: *whisper* did he just say that?

Me: *whisper* it's a case of open mouth and talk. no thinking involved...

Mo: *whisper* an island??? Can you blog on this?


Posted by Boudicca at April 8, 2009 10:05 PM

Sounds cool. Happy Easter, Passover, or whatever you celebrate.

Posted by: Cappy at April 9, 2009 03:59 PM