May 01, 2009

Strong Hearts

Everything turned out fine and ended up being quite the science lesson for Bones.

It turns out the EKG just showed an anomaly that happens... it just happens... and he's fine.

The doctor also caught on first listen an innocent heart murmur, that didn't alarm me as my Mom had one too. I found it funny over the years the number of doctors that have listened to his chest and never caught it... but the heart doctor, who listens to hearts all the time, picked up on it pretty quickly.

Just to make sure all was well, the doctor ordered an echocardiogram. I had one a few years ago (where we found a benign leaky valve that happens with age) and I promised Bones he'd enjoy it.

Sure enough, he had a blast, watching and listening. The tech was great about explaining it all. I only started to freak when suddenly the doctor took an active interest in something and came over to where the tech was, and had her do some things, had Bones move around, and they were very very intent.

I think I may have stopped breathing for awhile.

It turns out he has something called PFO, which is essentially a little hole in his heart that we are ALL born with, but with 70-75% of the population, closes up. For the rest of the population, including Bones, it does not.

He said it was no big deal, not to worry, it might still close up as his heart grows, and to not even think twice. It wasn't the cause of anything on the EKG and we'd never know about it if we'd not had the echocardiogram done.

For me the relief was... that nothing was wrong, that he can do stimulants if he needs to... but what was really important to me, besides his being fine, was that he can exercise without issue.

An ADHD kid banned from exercise? Good God. I have the kid in soccer and lacrosse and it's not uncommon for me to throw him out the door sometimes to run around and be crazy. As the summer months approach, the days growing longer, it's not uncommon for my boys to play outside from after dinner until 9PM.... running around like madmen.

The thought of THAT going away... was daunting.

So all is well. Thank you for the good wishes. A special thank you to QW, who provided me much wisdom with arrhythmias, as that's what we thought he had. An atrial arrhythmia.

Posted by Boudicca at May 1, 2009 06:33 PM

How could He possibly ignore a slew of prayers for Bones? I know He hears all and knows all but prayers for a kid named Bones just had to amuse Him. And we all know that if you can make the guys you are asking a favor smile, that's half the battle.

Posted by: Peter at May 4, 2009 06:12 PM