May 23, 2009


There's a lot going on, but I have no motivation to write.

So there you have it.

Have a good weekend. Hopefully this will pass.

Posted by Boudicca at May 23, 2009 09:23 PM

It's ok, Bou! I had a whole bunch of ambition earlier in the day. But, it was a beautiful, sunny day, so I went for a walk with a friend and lost my momentum for getting things done around the house. It was totally worth it, though :)

Posted by: PeggyU at May 23, 2009 11:04 PM

Oh we so need a beautiful sunny day. We've had nothing but nasty rain and storms for a week. I hear there is more to come, so a one day break would be NICE!

Posted by: bou at May 24, 2009 08:41 AM