May 28, 2009

Running, Rain, Ruminating over a Bass

It's been crazy here. Crazy and rainy...

We're supposed to go camping this weekend, but I've done nothing to prepare. I don't like camping in storms. Been there, done that, it sucks.

Flooding tents is not my idea of fun.

I think raising a teenager is 100X harder than raising a toddler. Single handedly, it's the toughest job I've had.

I'm not sure I like it either.

On a positive note, the whole 'upright bass' thing has taken on a life of its own as Ringo's new Band Director and I spoke today. His taking upright is the way to go.


I spoke to his new upright bass instructor today. He has his first lesson on Monday. It's a 'see how it feels' lesson. That will be Ringo's last chance to back out.

The instructor came recommended to me by three different people. That's a good sign. All music teachers, thought highly of, on their own.

I have an appointment with a store that sells/rents string instruments on Sunday. I am hoping we can rent... because otherwise... well... renting is the way to go.

I don't have the kind of cash we're talking to actually BUY a bass.

Everyone involved with this process of his learning the bass is very very excited. With that much positive energy behind him, he is set up to succeed.

I went running this morning at 7:20, just for 30 minutes and I wanted 20 minutes too late. It was the hottest sloggiest run I've had in a long time. This could be a long summer of training...

... but I have four half marathons planned this season. We'll see how it goes...

Posted by Boudicca at May 28, 2009 03:17 PM

OK, let's think about this. For the price of a double bass you can get a nice stand of bagpipes. Pipes are easier to haul to gigs in a car, easier to take with you when you fly, and people will buy you beer when you lurch into a bar and play. Oh, and you aren't expected to wear skivvies when you play the pipes, so it's easier to discharge the beer.

Posted by: Angus of Isay at May 29, 2009 08:11 AM

Methinks Angus is trying to make a point... although I think it's more about the beer and lack of skivvies than it is about the musical instrument. ROFLMAO.

Posted by: Teresa at May 29, 2009 10:32 AM

One of my cousins took up playing the upright bass. It helped him focus (ADHD) and took him to Europe for a year of studies. He returned and studied with Gary Karr (internationally known classical bassist), and he played with the Colorado Symphony's young artists orchestra.

One year later, he abruptly quit, married an ethereal blonde, beautiful gal, entered Nashota House Theological Seminary and is now an Episcopal priest in the San Antonio, Texas area.

He hasn't played the bass since.

Moral of the story: "Don't...just don't attempt to second guess in the ways of fate."

Posted by: Sven in Colorado at May 29, 2009 12:53 PM

Dad- I have bagpipes in my closet! I don't have to spend ANYTHING if he wants to play those! Besides... he can't play in band if he's on the pipes. He can on the upright and I suspect he thinks there is a girl factor. ;-)

Teresa- He points usually revolve around a good single malt scotch. :)

Sven- Holy crap, that his really daggum funny! I'm not picturing Ringo as a priest... but I'm sure the ethereal blonde would make him very very happy... :)

Posted by: Bou at May 29, 2009 04:16 PM