September 05, 2009

VA is for Runners

So here I am in Chesapeake and Virginia Beach and I love this place. The people are so dang friendly and the weather is beautiful.

It is becoming fall.

I can't believe Virginia doesn't have a problem with everyone and their brother wanting to live here. I can't believe people would grow up here and purposefully move away.

Good Lord, it is beautiful here.

Hey, maybe the weather gets very sucky in the winter.

Anyway, I'm so mellow and relaxed, if I were any more so I'd be a puddle. I've been tooling around the various towns just watching and taking it in. We had an 8AM run this morning on the Board Walk. I said to my running partner, "Life Experience! I've been running through an old graveyard in NC, through Central Park, and now the BoardWalk in VA Beach."

I need to post on my running buddy. She is 36 years old, a mother of two great kids ages 7 and 5, and a widow for 5 years. Her husband died from leukemia when her youngest was an infant.

An amazing story... the people I meet.

And seriously, what is the probability I'd end up running with another female engineer? She hails from this area, a VA Tech grad, as she said this morning, "I'm with MY PEOPLE for tonight's game!" Evidently it's the Hokies vs. Alabama tonight. She was waving and yelling at every obvious Hokie we passed this morning on the boardwalk.

Her family is staying at a room that overlooks the Boardwalk. They'd made signs and as we ran this morning, her two kids hung over the balcony screaming a their Mom while her sister and mother held signs and cheered us on.

Wow. Talk about heart warming.

More on her in another post. She's amazing.

I'm off to grab something very very bad to eat, like a muffin or pastry, take my big bottle of water and a book (Vince Flynn) and go read on the porch because the weather...

... is divine.

Posted by Boudicca at September 5, 2009 12:52 PM

LOL - well... THEY think they have sucky weather in the winter... but no, no they don't. It does get "cold" in that they can actually have snow, but that is a seldom occurring thing.

I lived in the Baltimore area for a couple of years as a kid. The climate has enough winter to give you seasons which I like, but doesn't get terribly cold. The summers can be damned hot (but not as bad for as long as it is in Florida). We had no a/c when I was living there as a kid which meant when my fall allergies kicked in I was miserable - but since I wasn't used to a/c I don't remember feeling overly uncomfortable during the heat of summer.

Your running partner sounds wonderful! Can't wait to hear more about her! Now cheering both of you onward.

Even better is the fact that you have been able to relax. Once again let me say how happy I am to hear you say that!!! YAY!!!

Posted by: Teresa at September 5, 2009 01:05 PM

Good luck to you Bou...Wishing you only the best...

Posted by: Mike D. at September 5, 2009 11:56 PM