January 26, 2010

Directions for Mo, Part 1.5

This is for my sister, Mo. She is 6 years younger, so I thought I'd lay it all out how it was to get from the Guest House to the Compound to see if I could jar her memory.

She was 6.

This was the Compound entrance as we saw it. It's owned by the Taiwanese Police or something now.


And Mo, this was the path. We used to walk to dinner on the Compound from the Guest House. As crazy as it was, it was always safe. The cafeteria had the same stuff over and over. As TN and Dad remember, we ate a lot of SOS and I remember a lot of jello, except for the hotdog vendor that served fantastic chili dogs right outside the cafeteria. Now I wonder if they were made of dog.

The NEX and cafeteria were right next to each other, in case you didn't remember.

The_Way_to_the_Guest_House with landmarks.JPG

Don't know if this helped...

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