February 13, 2010

Paring Down...

My father in law has decided to move to a smaller apartment at his facility to save $1000 a month.

In reality, what he had was too big. (More on that...)

When he makes up his mind, he's a real jerk about it. There is no changing him no matter how disastrous the decision may be, and trust me, there have been many, although this one is a GREAT decision.

He's the King of bitching too, so we're expecting this not to go smoothly. My husband is spending his time at the new apartment trying to think of all the things that can possibly go wrong, because, trust me again, we WILL hear about it if it does.

My husband noticed that this new apartment is RIGHT NEXT TO the dining facility. His first thought, "Crap, he's going to hate all the people coming and going right outside his place, the food is right there..."

And then Pop interrupted him mid-thought and said, "And the best part is, the Dining area is RIGHT HERE! I can just walk right out of my room and eat!"

*blink* Taken back my husband thought, "Ok then!"

So it's good. Except it's going to be a lot of work for us, and it's not as if we have all that much time anyway.

But, it got me to thinking. I read an article in our paper one day written by a woman who had just moved her Mom into a Nursing home. It was kind of written about her Mom's "stuff". That from a full fledged home in her heyday, she now had only one knitted pillow on her bed that came from all those years.

Everything else was not needed... and was gone... and she went through it step by step through the years.

Ten years ago, Pop lived in a house on the water, three bedrooms, two bath, full garage, formal living and dining, family room and eat in kitchen.

Six months later he had a fit, saying he couldn't live there without Ma, and he moved into a two bedroom, two bath, with a full garage, kitchen, and combined dining area/living area. Out went all the dining room furniture, half the kitchen, both bedrooms (he bought a convertible couch/bed) and the family room furniture. We gave it all away as my mother in law and father in law were members of the 'It's perfectly good!" club and so their 1960s plastic covered furniture with the orange floral bedspreads and what not, found new homes. (Furniture... think My Big Fat Greek Wedding. My mil owned all that furniture.)

Last year, having fallen so much and tired of calling 911, we moved him into an assisted living facility that was one bedroom, one closet, a small combined living/eating area, a kitchen and two bathrooms. Out went the formal living room, and this time we had to go through things like my mother in law's china. His garage tools ended up in OUR garage.

It is easier to say what was left: bed, dresser, side table, computer desk, couch/sleeper, recliner, corner hutch, TV and TV stand, table and chairs and lots of cooking stuff in the kitchen.

He's moving again and now will have one big room with a foyer area. Gone are the kitchen, bedroom, and extra bath (always a waste).

We're getting rid of the TV and stand (he's getting a flat screen to hang on the wall to save space), kitchen table and chairs, ALL that's left in the kitchen. We're trying to save the corner hutch... but that may have to go. We'll see.

And so when the time comes to go through his things, there really won't be much to go through. It's been an ongoing process. I suspect eventually all he'll have left is an afghan and his horrid bedspread.

It's kind of sad... but he's really OK with it. He really is.

Posted by Boudicca at February 13, 2010 10:26 PM

Well here's hoping the move goes smoothly... ::crosses fingers::

Posted by: Richmond at February 14, 2010 03:07 PM