February 28, 2010

Diets, Math, Driving, and I'm Cold

My house is cold and I refuse to turn on the heat. Florida homes do not have efficient heating systems and my last bill during that crazy one week cold snap was nearly $400. We are electric only and the house, even for that insane amount, was never warm. And for reference, this month it was $138. We're a full electric house... no gas at all.

So no heat and I don't give a crap how much they bitch, we live in SFL and it will eventually warm up. They need to just suck it up.

I am warmest in my dead muppet slippers, but have found myself quietly going into the kitchen, turning on the eye of the stove, warming my hands, and then moving on to do whatever else I have to do next.

Good Grief. I'm pathetic.


One of the kids I'm tutoring in Algebra II is in public school and coming up is their big FCAT test. The FCAT is the standardized testing required to get promoted from grade to grade (in some cases) and for sure is required to graduate from high school. One of the reasons I want Bones in public schools for middle school, is I'm unsure he can pass the FCAT for high school. I'm not convinced he's reading or writing on grade level.

My student's Mom wanted to retain me even through this FCAT period just to keep her focused. I feel bad about it as I suspected it was a waste of money and I don't want to waste someone's money. If I don't connect with the kid, I'm not helping, they are doing something they don't need me for... I don't need to be there.

However, I get it and I was upfront and so if the Mom, who is a friend of mine, is cool, then I'm still game. They're a good good family.

I sat down today with my student, just to see what kind of stuff would be on the test and I have NO CLUE why I've been worried about Bones passing this test. It is 5th through 7th grade math. Simple fractions, decimals, adding money, percentages... Good Grief.

I was stunned.

My student is going to nail it. We kept looking at each other and laughing as she went through page after page taking less than 11 seconds to answer each question... correctly. Pathetic.


We're nearing the end of my body science experiment with diet. I'll post on it Thursday probably... the final outcome of weight loss and what I've seen.

It has been infinitely harder to eat as is suggested for a healthy heart, by week 4. I have had a hard time not eating junk and have had to tell myself, "One more week."

But... I know parts of this are going to be permanent. It's going to be a pick and choose. If I have a function to go to and I know they are going to serve a crazy great dessert, I'm going to splurge, but the rest of the week be incredibly strict.

My son wants twice baked potatoes for his birthday dinner on Wednesday, and I'll have a half of one (half of a half) with the realization I will probably get sick, but I've been craving it and I knew I'd be at the end of the experiment by then. It just means the rest of the week I'll be insanely careful.

It's been interesting.


This is video of one of the kids we saw present at the award ceremony last night, highlighting Arts for the youth in our community.

I do love how he plays, but I love when they ask him if he wants to be a professional violinist and his response. If it doesn't work out, he thought about maybe being an astronaut. I loved that.


My son will be getting his learner's permit in the next couple weeks.

I blinked.

He grew.

I'm aghast.


On an odd note... I keep meeting more and more parents who say, "OH! I was in that line for Ozzy Osboune's signature with my kid too!" Whodathunk?

Posted by Boudicca at February 28, 2010 10:52 PM

Her in Michigan we have the MEAP in place of the FCAT. The following is one fathers response to the MEAP: Tom Rademacher - Forget the MEAP stuff, I'm teaching my sons some life skills

Posted by: The Thomas at March 1, 2010 09:44 AM


Posted by: The Thomas at March 1, 2010 09:45 AM

I don't do cold. Just can't. Not in the house during the day.

The problem with "special diets" is that they work for the short term but it's nearly impossible to stick with them long term unless it fits your habits and what you like. However, if you can take away something from it that helps you, that's good too.

Posted by: Teresa at March 1, 2010 11:14 AM

My daughter got her permit a couple weeks ago.

Winter in Minnesota is a great time to learn driving, as the conditions don't really get much worse. Glaring sun reflecting off all the white blinds you, side streets now have either snow, ice, water, sand, or some or all of the above, and have 4' tall snow berms left from plowing.

Most frequent reminders are:
1) right foot does brakes and accelerator, left foot is reserved for a clutch.
2) check mirrors, but turn your head and look when backing or changing lanes.
3) your half of the road doesn't come out of the middle.

Good luck!

Posted by: Versatek6 at March 2, 2010 12:10 PM

Just be thankful for global warming. If not for that you'd be freezing!

Posted by: Denny at March 2, 2010 11:05 PM