April 05, 2010

Various Conversations Around a Dinner Table

Conversation with Ringo at the end of the dinner table:

Ringo: You know, Mom, I want to live on Bones' planet one day. Just one day. I want to live where it's all sunshine and daisies.


Ringo: And completely random things. I want to live there.

Me: It's not easy living on Planet Bones.

Ringo: I don't believe it. I want to try it... JUST.ONE.DAY.

Conversation with Pop, at the end of dinner, after the kitchen has been cleaned, it is just him and me.

Me: I heard Joe has a girlfriend.

Pop: Hey, it happens.

Me: I'm not doubting that...

Pop, with disgust: Girls are so aggressive nowadays.

Me, raised eyebrows: Uhh... yes. I have... uh... heard that.

Pop: They weren't like that back in my time.

Me: Pop... but these are the same girls.

Pop: Back in my day, girls weren't so aggressive...

Me: But Pop, these are the SAME girls from back in your day, just a different time!

Pop, shaking his head: Virginity meant something.

Me: *blink* Pop. They're 80. There's not a virgin in the bunch...

Pop, grinning: I know...

Sidenote: Pop looks like this, but in a wheelchair and lots heavier, the top of the head gives it away.



Conversation with my 57 year old sister in law, about my 53 year old sister in law, who I will call Lee. (Lee is the Conservative. The 57 year old is the communist.) Lee is an absolute scattershot, complete undiagnosed adult ADHD. You can pick her out in Church as she's always moving. People who meet her immediately say to me, "Whoa..." It's bad. She's a special ed teacher for middle school and is FANTASTIC. She's probably one of the most passionate and compassionate people I know.

Me: You know, I was trying to figure out where Bones got his ADHD from and Ringo informed me it needed to come from both sides. So I figure between my grandad and your sister, which means your bro probably carries the gene... one of my kids was going to get it.

SIL: My sister?



Me: You're kidding. Lee is the poster child for undiagnosed adult ADHD.

SIL: You're kidding?

I rambled through all the attributes, how she is also so dang good at her job because of it (the chaos never bugs her), and I was still met with a blank face.

I changed the subject.

Fifteen minutes later, we were getting ready to go for a walk. We were waiting for Lee, the two of us just standing there listening and watching.

Lee, pacing the hallway: Wait, I have to get my shoes, why am I in here, I need to braid my hair, I hate how these shorts feel, wait, I let me get this out of the kitchen, "JOSHUA!!! What are you doing?" "Steven, did you go to Publix?" Oh there are my shoes. Are you all waiting for me? I had to braid my hair. "JOSHUA, come on! You need to shoot some hoops."

Me: Lee. We're waiting.

Lee: Yeah, I'm coming (walks up and down the hall three times) wait, I can't go without chapstick. (walks up and down the hall two more times... literally just pacing)

Me: Lee.

SIL, wide eyed, like an epiphany was occurring.

Lee: I'm coming. I know there is more I have to do. STEVE! OK. I guess I'm ready. Wait. Let me get sunglasses...

SIL, looking at me: Dang. How did I miss this?

Me: No clue. She's the only person I know that its so dang obvious.

SIL: Dang.


Posted by Boudicca at April 5, 2010 09:20 PM

I'm damn near with Ringo on that planet Bones thing. I think it's the sunshine and daisies. An appealing prospect for those of us who see around them... especially when we'd prefer not to... LOL.

Posted by: Teresa at April 5, 2010 09:40 PM

Teresa- You are right. It was just so funny to hear him say that. And he's starting to get a real kick out of Bones' randomness. I told him at one point, "I'm not so sure he's that random. I think there must be a path between thoughts." Ringo looked at me and said, "MOM. This is BONES we're talking about. It is RANDOM. He even admits it..."

Posted by: Bou at April 5, 2010 09:46 PM

A remake of "Freaky Friday" featuring Bones and Ringo switching personalities? Priceless.

And not that I'm against sex in the later years as long as both parties are willing and able. But the thought of geriatric nursing home patients getting it on? Uh...ewwww.

Posted by: diamond dave at April 6, 2010 10:13 PM

I think i just diagnosed myself.

Posted by: The Piper at April 8, 2010 11:45 AM