August 26, 2010

Open Houses

We've had open houses all week. So this is randomness of open houses and... Bones. He's always good for a story.

I went to Ringo's Open House this evening, while my husband went to Bones', the new 'art' school he's attending. After meeting the teachers, my husband and I have decided that at a school with quirkly little kids, so will you find a certain kind of teacher that gravitates towards said personalities.

'nuff said.

We think it's a great fit.


I know most of Ringo's teachers already. Going to a small parochial college prep high school, you get to know most of the teachers fairly quickly. Its a very hands on school.

His Morality and Ethics teacher... I had yet to have the opportunity to REALLY meet. I'd met her last year, but in passing.

A side note here, Son#4 is in nearly every one of Ringo's classes, so at Open House, his Mom, my gf, who is also Bones' Godmother, was in attendance as well. We sat near each other.

And so we walked into the class and the teacher started talking... and... I swear on the sweet souls of my three sons, I have NEVER been in a classroom with so much energy eminating from a body.

I mean... she was REVERBERATING. I was scared there was going to be some sort of cellular explosion.

She is about 15 years older than I, and energy, and thick Mississippi accent, and she talks fast... and... and...

Within 30 seconds I could start feeling myself have an anxiety attack. I can't absorb that much energy. And I think that is the root of my problem with a lot of serious extroverts... it's so much energy, it fills me up and then I get anxious.

For instance, Bones will come home and carry on, in my face, all big energy, and I have this urge to run. I tell my husband, "I can't do this. I'm fried. He extroverted all over me." That's what I call it, like being slimed.

Anyway, so the teacher is doing her schpiel, and the classroom is closing in on me... and... I had to go to a safe place in my head.

Next class, Son#4s Mom was sitting next to me and she looked at me and laughed, "What did you think of that Religion teacher? She's like Bones."

Me: I know. I know.

S4M: If Bones were to go into teaching, he'd be like that.

Me: I know! I thought the same thing. It was too much for me. All I kept thinking was, "I can't escape it!" Between her and Bones...

S4M: I looked over at you, and you were starting to shut down.

Folks, dang. I can't explain it. It is unbridled chaotic energy... crazy, all over the road, loud energy.

I'm stressing just thinking about it. Holy crap.


I dressed up tonight, somewhat. I wore make up and heels with my jeans. This was a conversation with another Mom gf:

GF: Look at you! You're in heels!

Me: I know. I had to try to clean up tonight...

GF: Wow!

Me: I had to make an impression. It's open house and I pissed off the head of the science department in May and now she's Ringo's Chem teacher. I wanted to look presentable so I'd not look like the dirtbag she probably thinks I am...

GF: Did it work?

Me: She's not here. It was for naught...

GF: Bwahahhahahaha!

Only me.

When Bones chose to go vocal over theater, I thought he was making a mistake, but followed his lead. I sat there thinking, "This kid is uncontrolled funny energy. He belongs in acting..." but he kept telling me that he wanted to sing, and not Broadway singing, but... operatic singing.

And so our voyage went into singing. He will never be a pro, but he's learning to use his voice like an instrument, something that he can use forever, whether in church choirs, or barbershop quartets, or... myriad things.

And the bonus about voice? It travels.

He got in for voice and although I wondered still if it was the right choice, I was happy. He needed to be with his kind.

He was moved into 7th grade boys choir for a couple reasons, one being he's advanced enough for it and the other being... his voice is starting to change, according to his voice teacher. They can pick these things out, whereas to me he sounds like a little boy still, his voice teacher is already hearing the onset of puberty.

Still, it is a good change, and although the basses don't want to speak to him because he's a tenor, which he still thinks is a riot, he's very happy. Very happy.

And the male voice teacher is fantastic.

But I knew the right choice was made yesterday when he said the following thing to me:

"Mom, I love being in choir, and all the tenors, basses, and baritones are singing their note... and it's so peaceful. It makes me feel so quiet inside."

I wanted to cry.

Posted by Boudicca at August 26, 2010 09:08 PM

Music hath powers to soothe the savage breast.

Posted by: Angus of Jura at August 26, 2010 09:29 PM

After realizing I read Angus's comment wrong... Math may hath powers to soothe the beast in Bou... it is wonderful to hear Bones is feeling so great about music. I hope it continues to make him shine. He is a wonderful boy.

Posted by: vwbug at August 27, 2010 04:39 AM

Oh! I know what you mean about the extrovert overload thing!!! I have never heard that put into words, but you're right! There are a couple of people in my life that overwhelm me like that.

Posted by: PeggyU at August 27, 2010 12:43 PM

Don't stress over the voice or theater thing. My Mom taught theater for years and nearly always found it easier to teach singers to act than actors to sing.

Arts geeks are each their own kinds of sub-culture odd. Band and voice and theater and visual all have their own kinds of weirdness. I had done all in HS, and figured out pretty quickly that instrumental music was where I fit best. It is still a big part of my non-employment life.

From "getting to know him," through your posts, I think felt the right connection to that program and jumped on board.

Good luck with the adventure!

Posted by: Deen at August 27, 2010 01:08 PM

I wanted to cry.

I'm sitting here teary-eyed for him. Moms need to hear those things from their kids...

Posted by: Mrs. Who at August 27, 2010 04:26 PM

Bou I know my husband is like you in regard to the extrovert thing. I'm still not quite sure why he married me - I'm sure I drive him crazy most all the time. Heh.

I teared up when I read that last bit. I'm so happy for him and you. If he can find peace in his music that is a wonderful thing indeed.

Posted by: Teresa at August 27, 2010 05:35 PM

Ah Bou - the whole post is golden but that last line from Bones is so precious - leaves me with wet eyes for sure.

I can take extroverts for only so long - then they suck the energy right out of me and I have to retreat to solitude someplace.

Posted by: Kris, in New England at August 28, 2010 12:24 PM

Extreme extroverts... good grief. Make me want to throw a punch. Breathe already!

Feeling peace in music/voices. Bless him.

Posted by: Jean at August 28, 2010 02:36 PM