September 04, 2010

HB, Angus

I'm in Pensacola with my family, having surprised TGOO for his birthday today... the Big 7-0!


I was on my way to work on Wednesday when my sister, Mo, called and said, "Dad's birthday is in four days. What are you doing for it?"

My reply was along the lines of "F***" and "Already?" Is it really September? Really?

We were scrambling through what to do, my being caught off guard that it was here. The calendar dates are whizzing by. My kids are getting bigger, closer to leaving home, and with that comes all the adults getting older too. Dammit.

I got into work and was telling my girlfriend about how I'd completely blown that 4 September was JUST AROUND the corner and now I had to scramble to find someone who would deliver something overnight when she said to me, "It's Labor Day weekend. Why don't you just... drive up?"

To which I replied, "Hunh. You're right!"

So I quickly got on the phone with my husband and said, "Hey, you want to drive up to Pensacola for the weekend to surprise my Dad for his birthday?"

And he said, "Sure!"

And I called my Mom to see if they had plans and she said, "Come on up!"

And so Friday we packed up the car, picked up the kids after school and made the 9 hour trek North West to the panhandle. Seriously, my husband is a great guy. How many people do you know that say, "Sure, I'll make a one way 9 hour trip for a 2 day stay to be at my in-laws?" Except, he doesn't really view them as inlaws. They're his second set of parents.

He was completely surprised! A birthday he said he wanted to keep as a non-event, a fly under the radar kind of day, has turned into a full celebration with the boys. Said one of them to me on Thursday, "We've never been there to celebrate Big's birthday before!" ('Big' is his nickname as they call him Big Daddy.)

Additionally, Mo and Flam had a trip planned that was canceled and they showed up today, surprising all of us!

So although TN wasn't able to make it from California, Big has all his grandkids here.

Happy 70th Birthday, Dad. We love you!

Posted by Boudicca at September 4, 2010 02:24 PM

Happiest of Birthdays! Big 70... awesome!!

Posted by: vw bug at September 5, 2010 07:17 AM

Just had my 70th a week ago. We are not getting older; we are getting better.

May Big have many many many more birthdays, preferably with the family all around.

Posted by: dick at September 5, 2010 09:53 AM

Happy Birthday to TGOO. And I'm sure his best gift was having y'all there!

Posted by: Mrs. Who at September 5, 2010 10:54 AM

Best gift he could ever receive. Happy Happy Birthday Angus!!!

Posted by: Teresa at September 5, 2010 01:24 PM

Happy Birthday TGOO.

I feel so much better knowing that you are 13 years older than me. Really.

I have enough problems with friends from High School being grandparents (one may already be a great-grandparent). As it is, the oldest "child" of my graduating class is 40 this year.

Posted by: The Thomas at September 5, 2010 05:08 PM


Posted by: Curtis at September 5, 2010 07:38 PM

..... happy birthday to the Big Guy!.... many, many happy returns.......

Posted by: Eric at September 5, 2010 09:28 PM

It's was a major surprise to see Boudicca and my three grandsons walk into my house completely unexpected, followed later by Morrigan carrying my granddaughter, Molly. It was a wonderful birthday, missing only Toluca Nole, who called me three times that day to have his friends (and himself) wish me a happy day. Hubba treated me like a king all day, although she does that on other days as well.
To paraphrase John Donne: "No man is an island unto himself." Any success I've had in life has resulted from my family, friends and shipmates who were always there when I needed them, sometimes in the shadows, at other times standing shoulder to shoulder with me.
It's been a good walk on this planet for 70 years. Every day is an opportunity to enjoy the remainder of the trip. Thanks to each of you, family, friends and strangers alike, who have wished me the best.

Posted by: TGOO at September 5, 2010 09:49 PM

Oustanding! We did something similar (w/out the 9 hour drive) for my FIL's 70th birthday. It was a huge surprise for him and we all had a great time.

Happiest of Days!

Posted by: Kris, in New England at September 6, 2010 11:52 AM

Happy 70th Birthday, TGOO!!

Posted by: Jerry in Indiana at September 7, 2010 08:28 AM