September 25, 2010

Cold Discoveries

Before I start this post, I just wanted to do my own little Public Service Announcement: BlueBell Banana Pudding ice cream, totally rocks.

Thank you.

I was at work on Friday when I started a conversation with two other women I work with. To the best of my recollection, it went like this:

Me: What do you think of this Katy Perry/Sesame Street bruhaha? And let me add, I had NO CLUE who Katy Perry was until all this 'Elmo stuff', but I had heard of the Hot and Cold song. I get points for that...

G1: Leave it to you to not know who Katy Perry is. I think the whole thing is kind of ridiculous. (sidenote: She is such a conservative mom, she buys her clothes for her daughter from online, very conservative girl clothes and would NEVER think of shopping at Justice or the other girl clothing stores that she thinks dresses girls like hussies. Just some background there...)

Me: I know. Did you see her in the video? The way the did her make up sweet pink lipstick that matched the flowers on her veil, the way they had her wide eyed, they had her acting like she was a 4 year old. She totally fit with Elmo. It was sweet.

G1: The stuff people make a big deal over...

Me: I watched it. The dress had a back to it. It looked like a short wedding dress. Wedding dresses are like that, small strappy things. She looked like... she was playing dress up princess or bride.

G1: Look, these folks complaining, do they let their daughters watch Disney movies? Jasmine? Hellooooo?

Me: Good point. I know a number of guys that wanted 'Jasmine' costumes for their wives, for the sake of role playing. Hilarious stuff when that movie came out... (*male laughter emanated from one of the cubes when I said this and as the conversation continued*)

G1: And... excuse me? Ariel? They're complaining about Katy Perry's clothing and they let their kids watch Little Mermaid. Ariel is wearing... TWO SHELLS.

*more laughter from men in cubes*

G2: You're right! She is! Just a big fin and two shells! And how did they get those two shells to stay?

Me: *ahem* I believe in the adult world they call them... Pasties.

*lots of laughter from the men in the cubes at that point*

So we don't get it. I respect their concerns, but I do think it's a bit ridiculous. If Katy Perry can't dress like a princess, then Moms and Dads out there... look REALLY hard at what the Disney Princesses are wearing.

There is some serious skin...

Posted by Boudicca at September 25, 2010 08:23 PM

1) It makes me want to pull up my own bra because I feel like hers is going to fall down.

2) Was there no one on the set who could have tapped her on the shoulder and said, "'scuse me, Miss Perry, can I get you a cardigan?"
Really? No one saw a potential problem... at all?
Yes, all her videos are accessible to kids anyway. But, this is Sesame Street. Parents should be able to expect some discretion on a childrens' educational show.
To draw an analogy, I know my kids can stop off after school and buy all the candy they want, but I don't serve it to them on a platter and call it dinner.

3) On the other hand, none of the Muppets wear pants. Come on.
Where's that uproar?

Posted by: Roses at September 25, 2010 09:54 PM

Katy Perry?
I cancelled cable about eight years ago.

Posted by: Jean at September 26, 2010 09:02 AM

That was the other half of the discussion at work... this wardrobe was designed by SS people, right? I mean, when you are on TV or in the movies, there are wardrobe people that put it together. So the entire thing was seen by people and more people and more people... And everyone was cool.

Someone else said maybe this was publicity for SS. Maybe they needed this.

I find it kind of ironic that the same folks complaining, however, will be the same ones that probably have their little girls wearing shorts with something written across the backside, something I find so offensive. I have yet to understand why parents so worried about child molesters think it's OK to have something written on the backside of their 8 year old's shorts. Why draw attention to an area you really don't want people to look?

Posted by: Bou at September 26, 2010 09:35 AM

A bit of trivia... Katy Perry used to be a Christian singer. I know- I barely believed it either.

I didn't watch the video; probably won't. But we don't watch Sesame Street, Elmo is a socialist. Video from the "The Benefits of the National Broadband Plan for Children and Families" event:
(ok your spam blocker won't let me insert the video- just search "Elmo wants fast internet" and you'll find it.)


Posted by: Jody at September 26, 2010 10:10 AM

Other than she is the singer in the green get up and weird veil on the Sesame Street video I still don't know who Katy Perry is.
A few nights ago when we saw this on the news, the hub allowed as to how he figured that was the first time Kermit had ever seen green cleavage - i giggled.

Posted by: patti at September 26, 2010 02:18 PM

Did you see her "pay back" skit on Saturday Night Live?

Go to you tube and see: /watch?v=_qP81EElmWY

Posted by: Shaz at September 26, 2010 09:47 PM

OMG. That is hysterical!

Posted by: Bou at September 26, 2010 09:59 PM

Saw the pay back skit last night on SNL, it was hysterical. As for the dress, I think most flower girls see brides showing as much skin on top. And if they've ever been to the beach I guarantee you they've see a 'whole lot' more. The skit was cute, fun and what child wouldn't like playing tag? Sometimes adults find fault with others while over looking their mentoring.

Posted by: mom at September 26, 2010 10:26 PM

Ariel is my all time favorite Disney Character, I used to love taking the kids to Disney see Ariel in person....

Posted by: Pcola Titan at September 27, 2010 09:01 PM

It looks like an ice skater's outfit. The top was actually mesh like a ice skater's outfit.

And a other said...did no one else notice the "problem" before taping????

Posted by: Sissy at September 27, 2010 10:33 PM