January 10, 2011

Watch What I Pull Out of this Hat!

On Black Friday, my eldest and his buddies decided they were going to go to the Mall when it opened at 4AM. Actually, they wanted to camp out at the Mall ALL NIGHT, but my husband and I put our collective feet down and said "NO WAY." That's just what Mall security wants... a bunch of 15 year old boys hanging out all night in their parking lot, waiting for the Mall to open.

So they found a friend who lives NEAR the Mall to house them for a couple hours. They went to a midnight movie, walked to their buddy's house, played video games for an hour or so, then walked BACK to the Mall and waited in line with everyone else for the doors to open at Macy's.

And... the boys actually had shopping to do. They had a plan.

They also decided to wear goofy hats.

So let's clarify, a group of 15 year old boys, stay up all night, go to the Mall at the 4AM opening and wear goofy hats while shopping.

Ringo made his goofy hat. He took a purple hat he sometimes performs in while with friends and then went through our pile of missing socks and found long colored soccer socks... without mates. He then stapled the socks, one green, one orange, one blue... to the brim of the hat.

That's what my son went to the Mall in. And... the boys really did Christmas shop. My son spoke to my husband in advance as to what to get me and went to the Mall and purchased a gift FOR ME. In actuality? All the boys bought gifts for their Moms.

Very fun.

So after awhile, the boys got tired. They were tired of being at the Mall, tired of being awake, tired of wearing their... hats. So my son took off the multiple colored mateless soccer socks from the brim of his hat, threw them in his bag that had only a deoderant in it, and bummed around shopping until sure his Mom would rescue him. (My Mom and I ended up taking them home at one point. They were a wreck.)

At some point, my son set down the bag that held the soccer socks and deoderant... and the bag... disappeared.

Someone stole it.

He came home pretty irritated. Someone had stolen something from him when he wasn't paying attention, a lesson learned.

Better still, a lesson learned when all that went missing was three pairs of mateless long colored soccer socks and a stick of deoderant.

This is what I want to know... what ran through the thief's head when he opened his stolen treasure?!

Posted by Boudicca at January 10, 2011 09:41 PM