January 16, 2011

The Beat Goes On

My sons had a GREAT time at Sikorsky. They saw the new X2 and couldn't believe how small it was.

At the end every camping trip, everyone is asked what they liked best about the camp and what they would change or did not like. Mr. T's best part was the parfait served at lunch (its that teenage boy/connection with food thing again) and for what he wished they could change... he wanted to spend more time looking at the X2 instead of the photo op they received.

First, the parfait was kind of a joke thing amongst the boys and he'd been to Sikorsky a few times. He felt like he needed to say something different than everyone else.. because it was fantastic.

But as for the negative... I said to him later, "Good Lord, son. You actually got to SEE an X2! Just be appreciative of that!"

Holy crap.


All the boys got in the car and the first thing I thought was "Dang, they need to bathe." (I had four boys in my car.)

But the oddest thing to me, was when they were situated, I looked at my eldest and the first thing out of my mouth was "You need to shave..." and his reply was an 'I know...'

Ack! How did that happen?

I'm so glad the kids have tomorrow off. I live for days they do not have school...


And... my eldest has hung up his bow. In great frustration, his wrist not allowing him to play the double bass... he is now... a drummer.

Which fits.

He was always more of a drummer than a double bass player anyway and he played it because he was told he had to, not because he gravitated towards it. He never did love it. (He plays the drums already. We're down to three instruments, the electric bass, the drums and the acoustic guitar.)

So now, I have a percussionist, a happy one at that, that still has a gimp wrist.

It's all good...

Posted by Boudicca at January 16, 2011 10:45 PM