February 20, 2011

Easy Come, Easy Go

Bones had his first recital today. Some of the students from his voice instructor were selected to sing at a small gathering for a great little church on Palm Beach. He sang a song called Cedar Hill.

And I was listening to him warm up before everyone arrived and I realized what it is about Bones when he sings. I joke that it is watching the little imp up there, knowing that he is a mischief maker, yet seeing an angel and it makes you laugh.

But... that is not it.

He stood up there today, lifted his chin, opened his mouth, and a strong quiet voice emerged. When you hear him you do not think, 'What an amazing voice this young man has." You do not think, "Wow. Can you believe this kid?"

What you see is a sincerity, an earnestness, a purity when he sings. And that is what makes him make me want to listen... the innocence of his voice, and the depth of his sincerity when he sings.

There were some amazing students there. A small recital, the instructor had selected eight kids, from 6th grade to 11th. There were kids singing in German and Italian and that blew us away. Bones was the only boy whose voice had yet to change.

There was an 8th grade boy who sang Finiculi, Finicula. Holy cats. It was amazing. This boy was THIRTEEN and sang this song, not perfectly, but with so much enthusiasm and with such a strong voice we wanted to stand and cheer.

(For those who don't know exactly Finiculi, Fincula, click here and you'll immediately recognize it.)

Anyway, it was very fun. Interesting... and fun.


I found out today that Bones has a girlfriend. Her name is Kate. They have been 'together' for two weeks. He had a party to go to on Saturday night, and upon arriving to pick him up, my husband met some parents who ratted Bones out and told him about Kate.


Kate is a foot taller, very quiet, and blonde.

Kate is the anti-Bou. Such as I suspected... he will gravitate towards a nice quiet blonde, a girl completely different than his Mom.

However, Kate and he, as quickly as they came together, may not last, as Bones' buddy has decided he has a thing for Kate too. She told Bones she is struggling as she still has some feelings for Bones' friend.


He is telling me of his tales of woe concerning this girl and his buddy, and I think I spent the entire conversation slack jawed.

Girls are calling my house. It seems that one of Bones' friends called him to tell him that Kate and his buddy are now 'married' on Facebook. Bones doesn't have a Facebook account.

Bones told me he was a little hurt and was going to say something to her about it on Tuesday. Lo and behold two hours later, Kate called to tell him she was sorry and she was going to divorce his buddy on Facebook.

So they are 12, friends butting into relationships, marriage, divorce... I'm going to croak if he tells me they can have FB children.

I'm not ready for this...

Posted by Boudicca at February 20, 2011 10:52 PM

My folks use FB. My (older) brother gets annoyed because I don't upload pictures to FB. My children mostly use FB for Farmville. They have sock puppet accounts with FB to further their Farmville operations.

So, no FB children, but they can have cute little piggies via Farmville.

The only reason I created an account was to connect with friends from High School so that I wouldn't miss this year's 40th Reunion.

Bones isn't missing anything.

Oh, and the fact that "Kate" exists means that he has no problem talking with girls.

At that age I was being accosted by young ladies (who I did not know) with claims that I was two-timing them.

They went away chagrined as I kept asking questions trying to figure out who they were, which one I was supposed to have taken out first, and why I (a blond) would ever be interested in taking out a blond when a brunette was available.

Yes, I was trouble even back then.

Posted by: The Thomas at February 20, 2011 11:29 PM

Actually, it is possible to list someone as your child on Facebook. Currently, I have a guy my age listed as my grand daughter (he and I were "married" at one point, before he married his wife.) as a joke. I've listed my brother as my uncle, an old high school friend as my grandfather. . . the list goes on.

So yes, someone could create a puppet account and have a Facebook "child."

Posted by: Andrew Phule at February 21, 2011 05:00 AM

Oh, my. Things progress at a different rate and even in different ways than they did when I was young... except for one thing: these early 'crushes' usually don't last too long.

I hope you're still blogging when the boys get married. :-D

Posted by: pam at February 21, 2011 08:10 AM