March 14, 2011


I'm visiting my sister, who is due in three weeks. The boys are hanging with my niece. We're here just for a couple days, running up for part of Spring Break to visit before the new arrival.

I'm not sure what The Flambina thinks when she sees the boys. Are they another pair of adult legs to get her things in high places? Another set of arms to snuggle in?

Bones, she definitely does NOT view the same way as the other two. He entertains and I think... she may view him as a big version of her. It's interesting.

She is starting to talk which is very funny. We're loving her...


We found out today that Mr. T didn't get into his high school of choice. He applied to a GREAT public school with a tremendous math and science department. He'll be going to school with Ringo which is really a good school, just not his first choice.

He has the opportunity to be a very big fish in a small pond. He's a smart kid and there is real potential for him to shine.

His whole goal is to get into Georgia Tech. He can do that readily from the school he is going to go to now.

Plus, the band director at Ringo's school has told Mr. T that he really really needs him. He said at the Open House, "T, we need you and we WANT you..."

So we're all being very philosophical about it. My husband is the most upset, but I just think... in life you have to learn how to deal with the hand you're dealt. Sometimes it's not the hand you want and when you look back, you realize it was for the best.

That line from that song, "Sometimes we thank God, for unanswered prayers..."

It's all good. It all works out... and he's cool.


This time change is kicking my butt...

Posted by Boudicca at March 14, 2011 08:48 PM

I'm laughing because, while I know you meant little G, you never mention her so it sounds like you are talking about Morrigan the whole time. Read it in that's very funny!

Posted by: Sissy at March 14, 2011 08:54 PM

Oh Crap. I need to fix that... My head is definitely not in the game.

Posted by: Bou at March 14, 2011 08:56 PM

We are off to Universal for a couple of days. Hope it is as relaxing and fun as your sister's. ;-) Sorry to hear about Mr. T... but he does have a great opportunity at the school he is going to attend.

Posted by: vwbug at March 15, 2011 05:43 AM

I think the song is, "This" by Darius Rucker. If not, that is one you should listen to.

+! on the time change. I am half useless for the next 10 days or so.

Posted by: Versatek6 at March 15, 2011 01:17 PM

Yay! So happy you get some "niece time". I know you love it. :-)

Sorry to hear about Mr. T. It only sucks for a while - then life moves on and yes, he is where he should be, life works that way. He'll be great and he may end up deciding it was far better than his original wish. I hope so. I am so glad they are telling him they really want him there... what an awesome thing.

Time change - yeah you know how I feel about it. BAH.

Posted by: Teresa at March 15, 2011 02:32 PM

Hey, thanks so much for fitting us into your schedule. Mr. Smoochy is missing the boys for sure. He really connected wtih "the middle one" as he calls Mr. T. :-)
It was a great visit for all of us and you look like a teenager-you look maaaaaaahvelous!!
Love you so much!! Have a great rest of your vacation.

Posted by: pfb at March 15, 2011 09:41 PM

I know what you mean about playing what you are dealt. Sabrina is in ACL surgery right this moment...ugh

Posted by: Pcola Titan at March 16, 2011 12:08 PM