March 16, 2011

Our Personal Seige on Atlanta

I'm still with my sister, visiting before the birth of Flambina/Flambino #2. It's been crazy, just spending as much time with the Great Flambina as possible.

But I have decided as well, that since most of the history of Atlanta is five minutes from my sister's home, we will see it. ALL.OF.IT.

Over time, of course.

This was actually spurred by the fact that my boys were short two requirements for an Eagle Merit Badge, Citizenship of the Nation. I scheduled visits for various sites to get what they needed for completing the badge. They move to Life Scout next month if completed, and then they're off to figure out an Eagle Scout project.

Anyway, yesterday I took them to something called Cyclorama. It's kind of a museum dealing with the Civil War, that houses an enormous 'painting' and diorama of the seige upon Atlanta. It was absolutely fascinating and the boys learned a great deal.

As we made our way through the various displays, Mr. T finally said to me, "What side would we be on, Mom, the North right?"

An odd question to ask, but he was puzzled only because I have family, and therefore HE has family, that fought on BOTH sides. On my mother's side, my ggg grandfather personally heard Lincoln speak from the back of a train and immediately enlisted. On my father's side, they were Southern.

Everyone fought. So many died. I explained to Mr. T that there are no saints in war, that there are two sides to every story and that it was a HUGELY dark time in our history, a time where I could see both sides, and could grieve for everyone's losses. It ended how it needed to end, but not without families divided and despair to everyone. Americans died... both sides... Americans died.

I snapped pictures of the boys in the museum section. I said at one point, "I live with Clowns." Mr. T replied, "No, Mom, you live with ONE clown..." (This "I live with Clowns" is my new saying. I say it often...)

world on shoulders1.jpg

I call this one... Poser.


I took the boys to the Capitol building as well. Their state legislature was in session so we watched from a window. Everyone was dressed to the teeth... except us, the tourists. Mr. T was wearing his Gator sweatshirt, bright orange.

Nothing stands out more than being in the Georgia State Capitol wearing bright orange Gator clothes.

I feel certain we were in UGA territory. Thankfully nobody said anything, but if they had, I'd have replied, 'The kid is a HUGE Gator fan, but ONLY wants to go to Tech." I figured that would have settled it.

I took the kids to The Varsity for lunch, where the woman behind the counter was polite enough to not follow her questions of "These are your boys? All three of them? They don't look anything alike!" with, "All the same father?" I hate it when that happens. (I loved her and would go back the The Varsity just based on that one employee.)

And we ended our day playing in Mo's backyard with the Great Flambina, who is 'all two all the time'. She's so dang funny.

One of her favorite past times is going into her sandbox and having someone hide the little plastic animals, that she can then find.

This is the difference between Mom, babysitter, or Aunt playing in the sandbox. Mom, babysitter, and Aunt play the normal ways.

Boy cousins... do things like, taking the lid of the sandbox and pretending that the sandbox wants to close. What Boy cousins don't expect, is for the little girl cousin to then demand... that it be closed!

Close Sesame.jpg

Ringo would slowly and gently shut it per her demand, and then the four of us would stand there staring at each other doing a WTF? No more than five seconds would pass before Ringo would open it and there she would sit, happy as a clam, demanding he shut it again.

We thought it was hysterical, but we did have issues closing her in her sandbox, fearing we would scare her unintentionally, so we coaxed her out and Bones climbed in.

We'd close Bones in (no worries about scaring him...), and then I'd take her to the garden and walk around, and while her back was turned, Ringo would open the box and Bones would climb out and hide. When she came back, she'd open the sandbox and he was GONE!

She was absolutely mystified, sifting through the sand looking for him. I'd take her back to the garden and he'd reappear. We took to calling it, "The magic Sandbox."

Funnier still is when Bones would disappear and T would have stepped in, so when she opened it, T was there instead. She laughed hysterically.

So the last few pictures are of playing in the sandbox.

And Bones being Bones, we took Flambina to the zoo and at the Panda exhibit you can get a handstamp. That's what MOST people do. Bones covered himself in Panda stamps.
Bones and Flambina in sandbox.jpg

And this is Bones and Flambina pretending to sleep in the sandbox. (The sleeping thing is a family joke my boys are passing on to their cousin...)

Pretending to sleep in sand.jpg

And how we ended our day...

T and Flambina snuggle.jpg

We're going home tomorrow. I'm beat...

Posted by Boudicca at March 16, 2011 08:18 PM

Awww... Love the pictures; they're so sweet!

The magic sandbox is classic. :D

Posted by: pam at March 17, 2011 09:45 AM

Looks like a most fabulous day!! :D

Posted by: Richmond at March 17, 2011 03:33 PM

When you were at the state capitol, the senate was passing the sell of alcohol on Sundays.

Posted by: Sissy at March 17, 2011 07:20 PM

Do any of your boys show "real" interest in the civil war? Now that I'm back in Carolina, I've joined a unit and am reenacting again.
Dismounted cavalry and infantry now... If I can gun break Hermanito mounted cavalry later.
Have they ever seen a reenactment? I had forgotten how much work, but how much fun it is.

Posted by: K-Nine at March 17, 2011 10:21 PM

Definitely priceless. Looks relaxing.

Posted by: vwbug at March 18, 2011 05:52 AM

Mr T is starting to look all growed up and Bones looks more and more like my son at that age.

Posted by: The Thomas at March 18, 2011 10:25 PM

She is so cute and your boys are great for entertaining her. I really did enjoy Cyclorama when I saw it my first trip to Atlanta about 5 years ago. My great-great grandfathers on my Mom's maternal side of the family were in the Civil War - one on each side.

Posted by: Tina at March 20, 2011 12:02 AM