May 18, 2011

Boys, boys, boys

In the last month I've chaperoned five 12 year old boys to Islands of Adventure, five 12 year old boys to Wet 'N Wild, seven 12 year old boys and girls to Kennedy Space Center and today, 11 14 year old boys to Islands of Adventure.

There were three moms for the 11 boys so we were able to divide and conquer when needed.

I am, however, absolutely exhausted They completely kicked my a$$. We didn't just get 11 14 year old boys, we got the athletes. Which means they can run. And they have a lot of energy. And they eat a lot.

From the minute they got off the bus they were running and I was running to keep up. They are 14. I am 45. I'm exhausted... and I think they're all probably at home right now eating another dinner, although Mr. T is sleeping.

One of the boys, just could not get full. Everywhere we went, he had to check on the food they had and he literally ate his way through Islands of Adventure.

I have boys that can put away the food, but this 5'10" bean stalk was evidently hollow and never in my life had I seen anything like it.

My mind is still reeling from Mr. T telling me he wants to invite this one kid, with a host of others, to stay for the day. I don't know... if I can make enough food.

Holy cats.

Anyway, I'm toast. I'm in pretty good shape and I'm lean... and these boys ran me ragged. My joints ache and my muscles are saggy.

I just have to make it two more weeks... and school will be over for the year.

We're ready to close this year out. Oh joy.

Posted by Boudicca at May 18, 2011 09:48 PM

I used to mock people who bought in bulk (why would my mom -- a grandmother with no kids in the house -- buy a 24-pack of jumbo-sized boxes of Goldfish?) but now that I have two teenage boys and a third little one who sneaks potato chips in the bathroom and insists he needs dessert after a pancake breakfast, I think stockpilers are geniuses. It has taken me a year of double teenagedom to realize that I cannot keep enough food in the house. I often swing by Publix five times a week, even after doing a proper full grocery run, with a little Walmart thrown in for good measure. It's exhausting. Not as bad as doing their laundry. But close. The time has come. I must join Costco. BTW: Loved the Flash Mob!!

Posted by: Leigh at May 20, 2011 04:03 PM