May 19, 2011


Last year was my first experience with a young magnificent voice. My elder son's school is not known for the arts, but he being in band, we attend all performances. Their band is a good band, but not being an art school, it would struggle to compete with true art high schools, like the one Bones hopes to attend.

Last year, attending Ringo's first concert, the chorus got on stage and did their bit. There was one male vocalist, who we could hear had a nice voice, as he sang more harmony to the eight girls.

And then... he was allowed to sing solo. He stepped forward and I was left speechless, not breathing, as I listened to the most magnificent voice travel across the stage, through the auditorium.

There was a hush as we were all mesmerized and when he finished I realized... I had been crying.

Never before have I felt so much emotion hearing someone sing.

Until tonight.

Tonight Bones' school had their performance and I took his Godmother, Son#4's mother. We listened to the girl's younger choir and the boy's choir and then... the top tiered group got up to sing and they traveled down the stage and stood along the walls... surrounding us.

With just 10 kids on the stage and the remaining singers lining the walls, they started to sing a rendition of Ave Maria.

And it was beautiful and we took it all in, but from my left ear I could hear one voice ... that I was drawn to.

To my left stood a young girl in 8th grade, her crazy curly blonde hair pulled back in a loose pony tail, long black gown against her pale beautiful skin, her light eyes moist as she sang... singing from the heart.

She looked like an angel.

And I sat looking at her, drawn to her, listening to the most magnificent sound coming from this young teenager... and I watched her emotion... and I cried.

I realized that I couldn't watch her sing anymore. It had become a full sensory experience. With her standing but four feet from me, her voice surrounding me with the voices around her sounding as a harmony to her beautiful voice, watching her became too much and I had to look away.

Her voice was so magnificent, her song so deep from her soul... it was painful to watch and I had to watch the director... to see and hear was too much.

I focused on other things, watching people, watching the tears well in their eyes as the sound of their voices enveloped us. I watched as people in front of me, turned to find her voice... and I watched as the tears spilled down their faces as well.

My friend and I both cried...

... it may have been one of the most amazing performances I have ever witnessed. It ranks up there with last year's startling performance.

I was blown away.

Posted by Boudicca at May 19, 2011 10:10 PM

That reminds me of the first time I was truly moved by music: I was in 8th grade at a small private Christian school. Every week we had to go to chapel, and most of us hated it because it was sooo boring. But one week they brought in a brass band from our sister high-school. That sound shook me to the core.

We were a very tiny school with a very tiny chapel. The number of people in the band was close to the number of us in the audience. So we were very up close and personal. The sound filled the chapel like no other sound or intensity I had ever heard or felt before.

And then I started crying. It was so odd. I didn't have any control over it. The sound, the emotion just washed over me like an ocean wave.

I have never experienced anything like it since that day. The only thing that remotely comes close to that feeling is an orgasm. It was THAT intense!

I wish I could have heard this singers that moved you so much. That is such an amazing thing!

Posted by: DogsDontPurr at May 20, 2011 10:12 PM