July 27, 2011

That Funny Not So Little Kid

Bones is a funny little kid. We all know it. It's his antics that spurred a lot of this writing seven years ago. My Dad always said watching my life is like watching a cartoon. And I know that I'm essentially living a strange version of Calvin and Hobbes...

... moreso when they were little. Now with teenagers it's Calvin meets Zits. If you want to know what my life is like with teenage boys... read Zits. Nine times out of ten, it's been done in this house and there is an element of truth.

I swear. Sheesh.

When Bones isn't around, sometimes his older brothers and I will laugh about him. Sometimes Ringo's friends will laugh with us. His friends love him. He's one of those infectious personalities... when he's not bugging the crap out of you.

So Bones is in Drama Camp... AGAIN this week. This is all per his request. He is very social and loves the kids there. The man who runs it is the department chair for the school Bones goes to... the Drama department chair.

And... I suspect he thinks Bones is a riot. Bones got in the car the other day and he said, "Mr. Tino has me sing Happy Birthday... ALL.THE.TIME."

Me: Happy Birthday?

Bones: Yup

Me: To who?

Bones: Whoever's birthday it is. Just me. I sing it to them.

I was puzzled and let it go.

Yesterday we had the following conversation:

Bones, entering my car: So, I had to sing HB again today.

Me: OH! So who's birthday was it?

Bones: Nobody's. One of the little kids got hurt so Mr. Tino pulled me out of class so I could sing to him, to make him happy..."

And that's when it occurred to me, Bones just doesn't stand up and sing Happy Birthday, there is drama and movement and... potential hilarity.

Me: So you sang him Happy Birthday?

Bones: Well, he pulled me out of class, the boy was crying, he was not really hurt, but more kind of embarrassed hurt, and he asked me to sing and we couldn't think of anything so he said, 'hey, sing Happy Birthday", so I sang it and the little kid started to laugh and I went back to class.

Me: You don't just sing Happy Birthday do you? When you sing it's a full on drama performance isn't it....

Bones, grinning: yeah. Hey, the kid laughed and felt better.

And that's what it's all about. Heh. I just think it's funny that others see it too.

Posted by Boudicca at July 27, 2011 09:39 PM

.. hah!... he is an inspiration to people!......

Posted by: Eric at July 28, 2011 09:07 AM

I think that's very lovely that he did that.

Posted by: Erica at July 28, 2011 10:22 AM

Ought to make a vid of him doing his "Happy Birthday" routine and post it. Think we could all use the pick-me-up.

Posted by: diamond dave at July 28, 2011 01:27 PM

Could turn out to be a business: Professional Happy Birthday Singer.

Posted by: Jim - PRS at July 29, 2011 10:45 AM