August 04, 2011


Feel free to go on over and wish VW a Happy Birthday!!

For those of you not in the know, VW and I have known each other for about...26 years. She had me apply for my job at Company X as that's where she worked. (We went to college together.) And I in turn had her apply for her job at the Company I work at now, about 6 months ago.

So we're back to working together, her doing the IT end and me doing... whatever the heck they think I do. She keeps my group up and running (a big job) and we serve as her guinea pigs whenever she wants to introduce new software!

A couple weeks ago, I had to leave the office and she txt'd me on my cell phone. It was like this:

VW: I want to see how the new upgrade IE works on our system. Can I try it on yours?

Me: Sure. I'm not there. Put it on.

VW: Are you locked?

Me: Yup. Kick the plug out and reboot.

And she did and for some reason I still laugh at that conversation.

I have a little picture of her boys on my desk. I was their first baby sitter. When she was giving birth to her 2nd son, her 1st son, all of 15 mo older than her 2nd, was just a wee toddler. She was in pre-term labor, her husband couldn't get off work, her family isn't in town and her parents hadn't arrived yet, and so her first son and I walked the halls of the hospital. We visited all the empty rooms, hand in hand I walked as he toddled. He was a blonde haired, big blue eyed, chunk of a yummy boy.

She has great kids.

I love we work together. I had an opportunity to leave the company I'm with and take my dream job, last week. It was a very real possibility. I didn't do it for many reasons, most coming from the fact that I'm not ready to sacrifice any of the 6 years I have left spending with my three boys, and the job would have been a time sponge and a stress monster. But as I went through the pros and cons, the big cons in my head were leaving my Tech Lead (guy friend for 23 years) and VW. I couldn't wrap my mind around not working with them.

So Happy Birthday, VW. And guess what? Next year? I'll STILL forget that Aug 4th is your birthday and I'll say, "Wait. Really? Did I know this?" Heh.

Oh and I have serious car envy with VW. She got a brand new candy apple red car that gets 40 mpg. I park next to her and drool... my kids are aghast that I now want a candy apple red car. Oh yes I do. Blame it on VW, but I think it looks so Sassy!

Posted by Boudicca at August 4, 2011 10:16 PM

You are so sweet. I must say, I love my little red car. Definitely a good choice!

Posted by: vwbug at August 5, 2011 06:30 AM

I'm not sure how "my dream job" equals "time sponge and stress monster". Shouldn't a dream job be doing what you love to do, in the hours that fit your real life, for an inordinate amount of money?

Posted by: Jon at August 5, 2011 02:16 PM

VW- I love the choice!

Jon- In our profession, the jobs are always very stressful if you're in a prime job. You can't get around that. They also have what my buddy Denny calls, "Mission Creep". It starts out small, but then rules your life.

And I'm OK with both. I am. But not with three kids.

What makes it a dream job is the fantastic learning experience and the vast responsibility. I would have loved the learning.

Lots of travel... that is great, at first, but with three kids... not so good.

Posted by: Bou at August 5, 2011 03:55 PM

A very "Happy Birthday" to the gal who drives the Candy Apple car :)

Bou's mom

Posted by: Bou's mom at August 5, 2011 05:10 PM