August 05, 2011

Famous Feet

OMG. My feet are famous.

Holy cats.

Occasionally I go through my sitemeter, looking to see what I'm being googled for. More often then not, I'm being googled for... black toenails.

Remember that crazy time I decided to run a marathon? How could you forget? And my toenail started to turn black after I completed my first half marathon in preparation?

I posted a picture, along with the color polish I could wear, thanking the Dear Lord it was Christmas and I could get away with dark polish to hide my nasty toenails.

Yeah, well, it's been immortalized and if you google "Black toenail" and hit images, that first picture... those are MY feet!

I know... my Mom and sister are so proud.

I lost a lot of toenails that year. The small ones don't take so long to grow back. The big ones really do take 9 months.

I lost so many toenails that I almost bought a running shirt that said, "Got Toenails?" Obviously this is not a rarity.

Now coming up on three years since that insanity, I am here to tell you not only are my toenails completely back, you can't even tell how much damage I did to them that year. And the year after.

Of course my hips and tendonitis in my left leg still like to remind me... but my feet look GREAT!

Wow. My feet are famous... whodathunkit?

Posted by Boudicca at August 5, 2011 10:02 PM