November 25, 2011

May God Bless The Person Who...

... invented Photoshop. Or the ability to alter photos no matter the software.

Good Grief.

We took our family picture today. I bought a great button down gray shirt that I thought hid most of my figure flaws, of which there are many at 46. It wasn't too clingy, showing the extra body that came with having three children and the fact I like carbs.

The women sat in the front chairs with my Mom and Mo each with the two Flambinas on their lap. I sat on an end chair, babyless. The men and grandsons on the back grow, standing behind us, completed the pictures.

After several pictural mishaps, we finally had our shots complete, loaded them up on my Dad's computer and...

... every dang shot of me, as I had my body turned, had my blouse open at the top buttons for God and Country to be able to see in my blouse to my black bra.

Bonus for me, my bra matched my shoes.

TGOO grayed it all out to match my shirt. Can you imagine, ten years ago?

Meanwhile, we're all laughing, as Flam starts to quote that Seinfeld episode... "Is that a nipple?" (Embedding had been disabled...)

Holy crap.

Posted by Boudicca at November 25, 2011 05:03 PM

First thought reading this at 7am:
"is that a nipple?". Too funny.

Oh, and darlin', you got nothin' to hide. I knew girls in their 20s who would love to look as good as you do.

Posted by: K-Nine at November 26, 2011 07:19 AM

Oh my gosh, thanks for the laughs! Love that Seinfeld episode.

I have several pictures of "over-exposure" of myself and/or my girlfriends that crack me up too!

Posted by: Mary at November 27, 2011 08:31 PM