November 29, 2011

End of November Random

We are in the throes of Poinsettia sales this week. It is a bit nutty, but I have it down to a science now. What used to take me literally hours... I can do in one.


Bones first Vocal Jury is on the 20th. He has to have a B or better to stay in the program. There is much singing going on in this house right now, and it's not Christmas music.

His voice is getting so much deeper.

He hung a big sign on his door, hanging from the door jam, so he walks RIGHT INTO IT whenever he leaves or enters his room.

It's to remind him...

Whatever works.


Work is crazy and I'm about to have to go full time to meet our needs. I found out that a couple weeks before Thanksgiving while on a three week vacation, one of my co-workers nearly died.

He went into congestive heart failure as his heart continued to work with a blockage. Interestingly enough, his symptoms were NOT normal, he passed a stress test, and he was diagnosed with 'having a bad case of arthritis'. For four weeks they monkeyed around with meds to try to ease his 'arthritic pain', pain so bad sometimes he couldn't come in because he couldn't focus. Turns out... it wasn't arthritis, even though his body has it according to the Xrays.

The pain got so intense he dragged himself to the ER, where the ER attending physician, admitted him immediately. He was informed, if he'd waited just 24 more hours, he'd have been dead.

He's fine now

So I'm absorbing his work (he had been helping ME out), plus my own heavy load, and I found out I might get called out into the field in the next few weeks. I could be in a back shop again, which would make me very happy.


Christmas is coming and when I asked Bones and T what they wanted, I found their lists full of NERF and Legos. Wow. Only one or two video games and they weren't 'kill everyone' games. I was happy.


We don't love Urban Meyer in this house.


I'm sick of American politics. Granted, it is nice that nobody is being gunned down in the street, but I'm pretty sick of it already.

"Newt" called my parents house every day. What is up with that? (We never answered.)


I have the weirdest crap at my desk. If I could take a picture I would. (No cameras allowed.)

I have a empty pink box that used to hold chocolate. It came from my boss one birthday... and he has since died. I can't get rid of it.

I have a pink monkey that says, 'Kiss me', from Bones.

I have some sick syrupy calendar with happy thoughts and hearts on it. I'm not sure why I bought it last year, but... I gotta get back to Chick fil a. The mainlining happy drug calendar does not suit my personality.

I have this funky blue fuzzy bird made out of a pen, from VW. I have no clue what it is... I swear, it's like a big blue fuzzy flamingo. But Blue. And fuzzy/fluffy feathers. It sits on a shelf. You can't miss it.

I have a black sweater hanging on the wall of my cube. The sweater is NEVER worn, it just hangs there. And it has a chocolate Easter bunny in the pocket. From VW. For awhile we hid the bunny at each other's desks. The bunny now resides in a pocket of the sweater. It'll be there forever or until VW has a chocolate attack and comes down and eats it.

Hanging on the hanger is a necklace with a light up GE glow gizmo on it... it may blink. It was a gag gift from a co-worker since GE is the competitor and I have Eagle stickers on my desk. (It's obvious where my allegiances lie.)

FOR YEARS, it was not obvious if a woman or a man sat at my desk.

It's crazy frickin' obvious now...

Posted by Boudicca at November 29, 2011 10:57 PM

Take care of you during this crazy time. We'll still be out here. We've had a new C-F-A shop for a year now and I haven't stopped in yet. The calendar I remember though is the 2006, "Cows In Shining Armor". ( All because I saw an ad during the Super Bowl.

Charbroilemagne indeed.

Posted by: cin at November 30, 2011 02:27 AM

Picture of pen on the way to your email... the boys had a blue flamingo pen as well. I had to buy a set of all colors to get the pink ones. I gave them to a mutual friend... Sounds like a busy time for you... want to add breakfast in sometime?

Posted by: vwbug at November 30, 2011 05:51 AM

On those political robo-calls... get the number off the caller id and call it back. When you do you can get taken off the call list. I had so many I started doing this - in less than a week I was down from 30 to 40 calls a day to about 2 a week (those are from those shady refinance places that are calling illegally because I'm on the do not call list).

I only had to answer 2 calls because the caller id was either "unavailable" or it had all zeros. Both times I was able to get taken off the list. Although a couple of the lists said it would be 24 hours and proceeded to call me back like 6 more times that same day. heh.

If you're really lucky and you google the phone number sometimes a kind soul has posted a comment on "who is calling me" to tell you which number to press when you call back, so you don't have to listen to a spiel. But ignoring the spiel one time is far better if one can get them to stop calling. (warning - most of the comments on "who calls me" and other sites like it are from idiots who think being on the do not call list should keep all callers away and they rant about this ad nauseum)

Posted by: Teresa at November 30, 2011 11:57 PM