February 13, 2012

Weekend Update

I am becoming an expert on Music Theory. I'm learning Triads, primary, dominant, inversions... you name it. I'm learning it.

And why is this?

Because Bones is barely passing his Music Theory class and he needs to pull a B or better to stay at his school. His major is music, so he has to be able to pass the Music Theory class.

Music Theory is a lot of math. He doesn't see it that way, but it is that math part of your brain. I look at his worksheets and I can see the trends and understand what is coming and why. He does not.

So I'm showing him what he needs to do, in more simplistic terms than the book is showing, trying to break it down. He may never understand the theory, but if I can let it become a habit of "Do A, then B, then C" like long division's MDSB, then he might make it through.

This part of his brain is very immature. Working with him on this makes me understand more why people say music helps the math skills. It's still exercising that part of the brain.

We'll see.

I was in Atlanta this weekend for The Wee Flambina's Christening. She is so yummy. I have a lot of pictures, which I will try to edit down, but here are two.

This is Bones and the two Flambina's:

Bones and the Flambinas.jpg

And this is the Wee Flambina on Christening Day. I called this originally Spun Sugar, but my Mom had a better name that made me laugh, "Spun Sugar in a Mickey Mouse Diaper".

spun sugar and mickey mouse.jpg

Posted by Boudicca at February 13, 2012 09:43 PM

ACK!!! Good luck helping Bones with the music theory. If anyone can get him through it you can.

And the two flambinas are lovely.

Posted by: Teresa at February 14, 2012 11:49 PM