April 01, 2012

Prepping for Prom

When I blog, I change all names. Sometimes I keep just the first letter. In this story, I'm keeping the first name of the one girl, but changing her last name.

It appears that my son's buddy, 'David', has a girlfriend who I will call 'Cate'. David is a Junior like my son. Cate is a Senior. Cate and her parents decided to rent a bus for them all to go to Prom. And the way I heard the story was that Cate told David and David was irritated because he didn't want to ride 'the bus', but Cate told him he had to, and had to with she and her girlfriends. (Cate and David have been dating for all of high school. Both are good kids.)

So David got hold of his guy friends, of which Ringo is one, and said, "If I have to 'ride the bus', YOU have to ride it with me."

Now all the boys were going just as a group, none of them having girlfriends. David is the one who has had a steady girlfriend through high school and the rest of them really haven't started to date yet.

Ringo came home saying, "Great. I have to ride the bus now..."

Let me say this about my son. He is as loyal as the day is long. If his friends find themselves in a bad situation, he'll help bail them out. If they need him, he's there. As long as it's not an illegal situation, he's there.

On the flip side, if you do him wrong, he'll turn his back on you... FOREVER.

As my son T said to me about Ringo, "He is his mother's son..."

Well, what Ringo didn't realize is that Cate had decided to find dates for all her girlfriends too. Evidently with all these boys now riding 'the bus', she decided to get them paired off. Or at least this is how it's seems to me.

And this would be how Ringo ended up with a date to Prom.

Of course, getting information from Ringo is like trying to take a bone from a hungry dog; it's just not happening. There is a lot of shoulder shrugging and "I dunno..."

Fortunately I have another son that goes to the same HS and he'll sometimes fill me in.

So this is the conversation as it happened the other night. We'd already been talking about 'the bus' and the pairings off of boys and girls.

Me: So... they have dates? Do... you? Have... a date?

Ringo: Yea.

Me: You do?!

Ringo: Yea.

Me: What's her name?

Ringo: Grace.

Me: OHHHH! That is one of my favorite girl names! I love that name. Grace. Ringo is going to Prom with Grace. I like that... Is she smart?

Ringo: I dunno.

Me: Is she... pretty?

Ringo: *shoulder shrug*

Me: I just want her to be nice. So... what's her last name?

Ringo: MacDonald (note changed last name)

Me: MacDonald! OH! You are going to prom with a CELT!

Ringo: Umm. *weird look on his face* Not really... Hunh.

Me: MacDonald. That's a Celtic name...

Ringo: She's Chinese.

Me: *blink* I'm lost... I thought you said MacDonald. *sorting through my hearing wondering what Chinese name sounds like MacDonald...*

Ringo: She's adopted.

Me: OH! OMG. I love her name even more! Grace! She is their blessing!!

Ringo shook his head and walked out.

So I'm very excited. We keep laughing about Grace the Celt. "Oh! You're going to Prom with a Celt!" "No... she's Chinese..."

Flash forward, I was talking to Mr T in the car.

Me: I heard that Ringo is going to Prom with Grace.

T: Yeah, she's really pretty. She's tiny. Probably not even 5' tall.

Me: Is she smart?

T: *looking at me like I'm stupid* Well... yeaaah. She's in the IB program, Mom.

Me: Hunh. Your brother didn't seem to be able to answer that question for me...

T: *rolling his eyes* whatever.

Me: I hear she's not a Celt. *laughing*

T: Well, not biologically. She might be environmentally. Mom, she is really pretty.

So we'll see how this goes. I just want her to be a nice girl that he can have a nice time with. He got his tux yesterday. She is wearing white, so he's going with a black tux, with black and white shoes, a black shirt and a white vest and tie. I suspect he's going to look very 'vogue'.

I'm trying to convince him that Dear Old Mom and Dad need to be at 'the bus' for pictures. I suspect I'm going to lose that battle. The parents of boys always get the shaft.

I suspect HER parents will be there...

Posted by Boudicca at April 1, 2012 11:20 AM

Oh this is great.....and I've been waiting for an update. Pretty, tiny, smart.....you have GOT to find a way to be at that bus, or else get a really REALLY good camera......

Posted by: Tammi at April 1, 2012 11:38 AM

I need to sneak to the house and dress in camo and as a bush or something. A ghillie suit. And plant myself in their yard with a camera...

Posted by: Bou at April 1, 2012 12:13 PM

My thoughts exactly! And you're tiny enough you can hide almost ANYWHERE! :-)

Posted by: Tammi at April 1, 2012 07:37 PM

Well, funny you should say ANYWHERE. I said to my son today at dinner, "So, where do I hide in my ghillie suit, at 'Cate's' house or at the Marriot?" He looked absolutely aghast...

Posted by: Bou at April 1, 2012 07:54 PM

You know Bou, the parents of boys should receive some sort of medal...at least thats what my mother said.

Posted by: Yabu at April 1, 2012 08:25 PM

Yabu- Ah, he's good. I just know my station in life. As the mom of a boy, I'll always be relegated to the back. Should my boys marry, if they have kids, I'm not the one that will be called. It'll be HER Mom. This trend just starts with... Prom. Heh!

Posted by: Bou at April 1, 2012 08:29 PM

I'm pretty sure Eric can hook you up with a ghillie suit...

Posted by: K-Nine at April 1, 2012 09:44 PM

Next time we're at Eric's I should try on his ghillie suit. I'd look like a schlumpy bush. His 6'2" long frame vs. my 5'2" and shrinking mommish body.

Posted by: Bou at April 2, 2012 06:14 AM

Its too bad you dont live in MD, I usually shoot several proms a year. The kids usually complain alot less about pictures if you bring an outside person in. I have used the line "come on man, your parents are paying me to get these shots of you, can you atleast smile, I'll do the rest" Usually works.

Posted by: Web at April 2, 2012 06:35 AM

Just went through the prom drill on Saturday with my daughter. We were able to take pictures before (though one rabid mom also showed up after midnight when they returned to get 'returning from prom' shots as they exited the limos they had rented). Don't know about your school, but ours had several photogs and chaperones with cameras that will post the pictures for parents. And stalking the kids on Facebook always yields results...

Posted by: Harper at April 2, 2012 07:57 AM

my "step-daughter" (in quotes as I never intend to marry again)is named Grace. She is part Celt, and part Mohawk Indian - with blonde hair and blue eyes... kinda like my boy 1/4 Korean and blonde and blue-eyed. ;)

Can't wait to see prom pics!!

Posted by: Oddybobo at April 2, 2012 11:36 AM

fwiw, with my daughter we got shots of her and her date since he picked her up at our place. :) With my son we got pics of him in his tux (looking like James Bond, just amazing). Just him. :(

It sounds like you have a similar relationship with and between you and your children that we have (had back then). So, we would talk with one, explain what we were trying to do and he/she would end up discussing it with the other. Frequently worked out well. In the same vein, we were also able to get information some times the same way. We'd explain that we'd like to know something as we are the 'Rents and sometimes we'd get some info that way. We were always up front with the kids when we did this as we did not want them to think that we were playing them against each other. When you have discussions with one about what you're trying to do with the other, and asking their input, they eventually mention to the other the discussions that they have had with you and it frequently works out at least partially.

Wow! Prom dresses are expensive! But, I'll remember how my daughter looked that evening for the rest of my life. :)


Posted by: marcus erroneous at April 2, 2012 02:09 PM

Ah - well you'll get pics even if you have to scan them. Please ... share them.

Grace the Mandarin Celt - gotta be awesome.

Posted by: Kris, in New England at April 3, 2012 05:08 PM

... I do indeed have a ghillie suit..... two, in fact..... and one of them is stretchy enough that it will fit most anyone.... next time you are here, we'll definitely have a ghillie suit photo op!...

Posted by: Eric at April 5, 2012 10:06 AM