July 02, 2012


It is far different traveling with teenagers, than children. It's more... relaxing. It's an easier trip. You start hearing the 'adult-them' come out.

Bones and T said something from the back at one point and Ringo said, "No! We only stop when we have to get gas. We push through! No bathroom breaks!"

Ringo is also young and overzealous. 'Mom. Look. We're leaving at 6-7PM. Orlando is 2.5 hours, Gainesville is 3.5 hours, but, I'm getting a lot of sleep. Man. I feel GREAT! I sleep for 12 hours, I'm awake for 13. I've never had so much energy. SO. I think we should just push through to Tallahassee, which is... what... six hours? That puts us there at Midnight, maybe 1AM. You drive the first few hours and I'll do the rest. Or, you know... we could just drive straight through to Pensacola. We'll get there about 3AM..."

Me: Are you frickin' nuts? Do you think my parents want us showing up at 3AM?

Ringo: yeah, that is really early. But still, we could do Tallahassee...

Me: No. Lake City is as far as we go. There is no reason for us to be on the road at 1AM....

We pulled in to Lake City around 11:15. There wasn't a room to be found anywhere. Evidently there was some little league baseball going on and there were no rooms at the Inns.

We did find the last room in the city at a little motel called... Cabot Lodge. Hot breakfast served in the morning.

You know you have teenagers and not children, when you walk in and the teenagers raise their eyebrows, look around and say things like, "Hunh. This front door doesn't want to shut..." "It smells... kinda musty". "This room feels a bit damp..." or in the dark, you hear a voice say, 'Mom. You know how you said you haven't had a good nights sleep in three days? I don't think you should count on this ending the streak..."

Or when you wake up the next morning and you hear things like, "I've never slept on... scratchy pillows..." or "That mattress was terrible. I hurt. I slept at a slant..."

Children don't notice things like that. They sleep like rocks wherever you rest them. And you could sleep them in pretzel form and the next morning they unbend and hit the floor running.

Teenagers... it's starting to hit.

We made it down to the hot breakfast. I grabbed some eggs and a biscuit and a big cup of coffee. Ringo just sat there, wishing he was still attempting to sleep on his slanty bed with scratchy pillow.

Finally I said, "Are you going to eat breakfast? At all?"

To which he replied, "No. My stomach will hurt. I can't..."

Five minutes more I saw him get up and get a biscuit. Ten minutes later he said to Bones, "Hey, while you're up, can you get me some eggs and another biscuit?"

Me: I thought you said your stomach hurt. "Ohhh. I can't eat. Blech. It's too earrrrllyyyy... whinnnnne."

Ringo: Nice. You see, I started. Once I start eating, I have to just keep going...

I think he just wanted to sleep on a full stomach. No sooner had we hit the car when he was leaned up against the door catching the last four hours of his 12 hour snooze fest.

The kids have still mostly grown since the last time my folks saw them. T has mutton chops now, growing down the side of his face. No moustache. No beard. No whiskers. Just mutton chops. He looks very... 60s.

Ringo is all about planning when he can go to the gym. My folks are very active members in the local gym, so they have it set up so he can go work out.

This is not a sedentary family. I was up this morning getting breakfast and my Dad was already at the gym and my Mom was in her gym clothes getting her shoes on. Stretching, strength training, moving... my folks are the picture of what we're supposed to be doing to keep healthy.

Mo and Flam arrived with the wee little girls today. The Great Flambina talks like a princess which cracks me up. Everything is very exact and happy tone. The wee Flambina is in baby Godzilla destructo mode. Everything in her path is stomped on as she toddles around.

We took them to the beach, and Ringo had the wee Flambina on his hip, as we got set up. I said to him, "You know... you're old enough. She could be YOURS!"

He rolled his eyes and said "Um. No."

But it's true, so many many kids his age have babies of their own. What a tough tough row...

My husband comes in tomorrow. He had to stay at home and he says he's lonely. He's looking forward to joining us. We miss him.

Posted by Boudicca at July 2, 2012 09:22 PM

It's so liberating when they get their driver's licences. The tradeoff is worrying about them when they are out late.

Posted by: PeggyU at July 5, 2012 12:03 PM

Hope you didn't get rained out for y'all's big celebration!

Posted by: Mrs. Who at July 5, 2012 08:06 PM

.... Flambina still cracks me up...... I hope that you are having fun!.....

Posted by: Eric at July 8, 2012 08:20 PM

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