July 09, 2012


My sister and her husband are selling the Little House in the Big Hood and moving to a family neighborhood where their babies can go to public schools when they are of age. They love their little home, but they have outgrown it and it is time.

I've finally gotten to know my way around downtown Atlanta, to some degree. No longer do my insides liquify when I zip on and off I-75. I like how close they are to everything. No matter where we want to go, see any of the sites, it is so close with character all around.

But there are some things I am not going to miss.

I'm not going to miss the inner city parking, where everyone parks on both sides of the street and you have to inch through slowly down the middle of the street.

I'm not going to miss trying to find parking if we get here too late in the afternoon.

I'm not going to miss hearing the garbage truck driver laying on the horn as he waits for someone to move their cars, parked on both sides of the road, so he can make his way through.

I'm not going to miss passing project housing and seeing little four year old boys, holding the hands of 2 year old sisters, walking across the street to the park where he knew he could take care of her... the big boy he is, as I watched in horror looking for a mom. That wasn't there.

I'm not going to miss the Paddy Wagon.

Or the stuffed animals nailed on the light poles.

Or the crack whores I've run across, from afar, occassionally.

Or my boys telling me they don't like sleeping in the front room, hearing things on the street. My husband lecturing them about staying away from front windows at night.

It is inner city living. Great food, close proximity to wonderful culture.

But I'm not going to miss it when they move.

It has been a life experience.

Posted by Boudicca at July 9, 2012 08:37 PM

You would hate my neighborhood. We have all of that stuff here, and I'm just a stone's throw from the housing projects.

Posted by: Erica at July 10, 2012 07:08 AM

... I cannot even imagine living in downtown Atlanta.... I'm provincial, I guess....

Posted by: Eric at July 10, 2012 07:09 AM