July 27, 2012

We All Have to Have Goals

Bones latest thing in the last six months is to say things like, 'When I get my private jet...'

For instance, I'll be in the kitchen and he'll say, "When I'm older and rich, my private jet will have a solid gold kitchen..." (My response is something like raising an eyebrow and saying, "That's not a very practical use of your money, a gold kitchen..." I play along he'll have the jet.)

Or "When you and Dad want to travel, I'll just have my private jet pick you up..."

Or "My private jet will take the whole family to 'insert place here'"

The other night he was watching a cartoon movie named Rio. His brother, Ringo, was in the room on an iPad on FB and I was in the other chair reading, when the following conversation ensued.

Keep in mind, this movie is about a bunch of talking birds that live in Rio de jeneiro.

Bones, seemingly out of the blue: I think I realized, when I'm older and rich, I need a small jet as well as a big jet.

Ringo, looking up from FB: Oh so you can stick your small jet in your big jet and just fly it out?

Bones: *blank look, pregnant pause* Uh. No. But hey *You can hear him thinking* That's not a bad idea...



Bones, continuing: No, I need a small jet because when I get older, I want to go fly around Jesus.

Ringo: You're kidding.

Bones: No. That's my goal.

Hey, we all need them. Every morning when I wake up, my goal for the day is to not eat any processed foods. I fail miserably. His goal is to fly around Jesus.

Maybe he'll be more successful with his goals...

Posted by Boudicca at July 27, 2012 06:55 AM

My goal is just to make it through the day with out having a total tempermental breakdown!

Posted by: Contagion at July 27, 2012 11:33 AM