July 28, 2012

Back When I Was a Kid... In the Stone Ages

I had the funniest dang talk with Bones the other day. We had to go shopping and we were talking about 80s movies. A little background, when we go to my sister's, she always rents some classic 80s movie for my boys to watch. This time it was Weird Science.

Now, when we went up to Eric's a few weeks back, the boys and I were in the car with him, when something came up about our going back to Mo's that night and watching Weird Science. This entire banter occurred like this... and you will see that Eric has absolutely NO appreciation for the 80s:

Me: And Mo rented us Weird Science!

Eric *grimacing*: Weird Science? Ugh.

Me: What?! What's wrong with Weird Science? It's a Classic 80s movie!

Eric *turning to my boys*: Classic 80s? Guys. Listen to me. It's like ordering a corn dog and saying, "This is the best corn dog I've ever had". It's still... a corn dog.

The boys have been quoting him and corn dogs ever since.

So the other night Bones is quoting Eric and his corn dog comment when I said, "hey, you liked the airplane movies..." and that's when the whole conversation went sideways.

Bones: I frickin' LOVED the airplane movies!

Me *laughing*: I thought it was a riot that I had to explain the smoking section of the airplane to you...

Bones: Wait. They REALLY had smoking sections in airplanes?

Me: Oh yeah. Here you are in a flying tube and somehow the smoke is going to stay in the smoking section? Right.

Bones: So basically the entire airplane was smoking...

Me: Yeah, pretty much. Hey, it wasn't so long ago that we had smoking sections in restaurants.

Bones: WAIT?! We had smoking in restaurants?

(It was banned in Florida in 2003. Bones was four years old.)

Me *staring surprised at him*: Umm... yeah. Until 2003 when you went up to the hostess at a restaurant she said, "Smoking or Non Smoking?"

Bones *wide eyes and incredulous*: YOU.ARE.KIDDING.ME

Me: No... you don't remember... do you?

Bones: NO. I don't remember that. Mom. I don't want to eat my meal with smoke. Holy crap.

Me: Bones, there are scads of other states that still ask you that, you can still smoke in a restaurant.

Bones: YOU.ARE Joking, right? You go in and the hostess actually says, "Smoking or non-smoking?"

Me: Yeah. All the Carolinas. Anywhere there is Big Tobacco. I think we need to go up that way just so you can see. (Sidenote: when we travel through Alabama, Georgia and Tennesse, we have never been asked, so they must have some local ordinances where we travel.)

Bones: So, is there a big wall that separates smoking from non-smoking?

Me: Nope. Just a section. Sucks to be the guy who wants to be in non-smoking and ends up on the border between the two.

At this point, Bones has completely stopped in his tracks and is staring at me slack jawed.

Bones: Mom. Smoke... travels. It doesn't stay in one place. How can you just... decide 'This is smoking' and 'this is not smoking' and expect smoke to stay in one place?

And at that, I laughed really really hard and upon running into my husband I said, "I have the funniest story that exhibits generational differences..."

On a sad note... if you are of the praying kind, if you could throw a prayer to a young man we know who drowned yesterday but is on a vent right now, I'd greatly appreciate it. I should say nearly drowned I guess... but coma and water in the lungs... feels like drowning to me.

Children aren't supposed to die. Not like this. We are sick about it... my husband has already been to the Church over it, kneeling and praying that God will watch over this young man and not take him at age 14.

So any prayers and good thoughts are appreciated.

Posted by Boudicca at July 28, 2012 10:57 PM

.... bwhahhah..... I can't believe that are quoting me and my corndog analogy of 1980s cinema...... that just makes my day.....

.... hell, it may be be the best corndog you've ever had, but in the end, it is STILL just a corndog.....

Posted by: Eric at July 29, 2012 07:10 AM

It comes up all the time. It's so dang funny.

BTW, they hated that corn dog. They thought it was the worst corn dog they'd ever had. Airplane was good. Weird Science was not. In their eyes.

Posted by: Bou at July 29, 2012 08:10 AM

Think back a few years to when we moved to Florida. The drinking age was 18, and it was perfectly legal to drink alcohol while you were driving. Many liquor stores had drive up windows so you could buy a martini to go and drive off drinking it. Ah, the good old days....

Posted by: Angus of Jura at July 29, 2012 10:15 AM

Dad- We were just talking about that during the 4th of July. That Package and Lounge that is/was across the street from the neighborhood had a drive through window.

I was telling my neice and nephews over Easter that the drinking age was 19 when I was in college. They looked at me stunned... But, that was only in the state of Florida. When y'all moved up to Michigan for those couple years, I was at the grocery store where TN bagged groceries and I went to buy a bottle of wine and they the age was 21. Believe it or not, since TN was there and explained to the cashier who he knew, that I wasn't being a jerk, but really didn't know the drinking age was higher there, she let me buy it. (It was a wine for cooking.)

Posted by: Bou at July 29, 2012 10:21 AM

Wine for cooking? We've NEVER cooked with wine. Nice try!

Posted by: Angus of Jura at July 29, 2012 11:19 AM

*I* use wine for cooking. They don't sell liquor at Kroeger! And I don't drink wine or beer... blech.

Posted by: Bou at July 29, 2012 11:41 AM

The 80s rocked...I don't care what anyone says. And I remember a drive-thru liquor store on Navy...was it The Flight Deck? Underage purchasing at its finest then.

St. Gerard, who, like the Savior,
loved children so tenderly
and by your prayers freed many from disease and even death, listen to us who are pleading for this sick child.

We thank God for the great gift of this young boy
and ask Him to restore him to health
if such be His holy will.

This favor, we beg of you
through your love for all children and mothers.


Posted by: Mrs. Who at July 29, 2012 12:26 PM

Some 80's movies rock, some are just god awful... Gymkata for example.

Posted by: Contagion at July 29, 2012 02:03 PM

FlightLine perhaps?

Posted by: jd at July 29, 2012 06:59 PM

First, prayers for the young man and all who care about him. I hope there is a miracle and he pulls through without any problems.

As for the smoking and non-smoking sections, it really brought back memories. One time, My mom, my sister and I took stopped at Fudpuckers in Destin. When the waitress asked smoking or non-smoking, my sister and I said non-smoking at the same time my mom said smoking. So, she sat my sister and I in one booth and my mom in the one next to us. Our family has a strange sense of humor. We stayed seated like that and joked and harassed each other the entire time. To add to the situation, Mom didn't have her glasses and couldn't read the menu. So, we ordered for her but when they brought the food out they only brought mine and my sister's. There was a group of young navy guys sitting in the booth on the other side of mom. We had been talking and cutting up with them the entire and had explained the seating situation. So, when mom didn't get her food immediately, they shared their food with her. She had been adopted and we were disowned. We had a blast. We still talk about it.

Posted by: Sticks at July 29, 2012 08:14 PM

I remember smoking and non-smoking! Wow...we are getting really old! ;-)

More prayers said for the boy.

Posted by: vwbug at July 30, 2012 06:10 AM

Thankfully, NC went non-smoking for all restaurants a couple years back - shocking for a state so traditionally tied to tobacco revenues. Makes eating out much more enjoyable!! Don't think SC is the same however...not sure.

Posted by: Mirmie at August 1, 2012 01:47 PM

Ah well I remember the days of smoking being everywhere including in stores. I don't miss walking out of a restaurant and smelling like a cigarette. Not one bit. heh.

Prayers for the young man. How very awful. *sigh*

Posted by: Teresa at August 1, 2012 02:16 PM

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Posted by: Andrew A. Sailer at August 4, 2012 03:30 AM

Prayers for the nearly drowned (and I see from a later post that he's doing better).

Another thing they'll have trouble believing is that airplanes used to have a little doily where your head went because otherwise the grease men put in their hair would ruin the upholstery.

Posted by: Carl Brannen at August 6, 2012 02:02 AM

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