August 26, 2012


We're getting a bit of weather here. I hope the people of NOLA are taking this seriously. We're just getting a bunch of rain and a wee bit o wind.

This storm could be a Cat 2 and nail NOLA. So I hope they're remembering... don't mess with Mother Nature.

Meanwhile, my newest concern is realizing my 17 year old drives to school in the morning. I'm watching the radar and may actually take them instead. He's a good driver. I get people calling me all the time that they see him on the road. But he's only been driving for 18 months and I'm not feeling all that great about his driving with such nasty roads and potential bad weather.

So that's a new worry.

Bones is doing really well. So far he's very excited about all the singing and I forgot to post this, but he'll be singing with his group at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC in April. Details as they come available.

He is a bit overstretched right now as we have his new singing gig with the new group, school, and tons of math tutoring to get him up to speed. He's also preparing for his high school auditions.

I have not told him, nor will I, but only 12% of those who audition for the high school choral group get accepted. He is working on his sight reading now and we'll be picking a song for him soon. He's handling it all in stride, but he told me on Thursday that things are changing. They seem more intense and not as much fun.

So my goal is to figure out a way to take away the intensity. He needs to be relaxed to do well.

He has almost all male teachers so far and he seems to like them all. He ended up in an 'intensive reading' class which has us puzzled as he reads above grade level and comprehends. It turns out that nearly 30% of the 8th grade was put in this class. The goal is to up the FCAT scores. All those who scored a C or lower in Language Arts or a 2 or below on the FCAT ended up in this class, I gather.

If it teaches him how to take a test, I'm fine. Eventually he'll have to take the SAT. *shudder* But I would personally rather have him in PE and burn off some of his energy. I wrote the school telling them that and have heard nothing.

I'll be writing his teacher soon as well.

On a lighter note, I am evidently relearning the Periodic Table of Elements. I'm sure that's going to come in handy...

And I took a 7 hour quilting class yesterday. A girlfriend had said to me, "HEY! Bou! Do you want to take this mystery quilt class with me?" and I said, "Sure!" because I'll try just about anything once.


There were 20+ of us in that room and at one point someone walked in and said, 'Wow. Looks like a sweatshop..."

I didn't finish my quilt top, but will have it completed next week sometime. I'll post it. It's fine. I don't love it.

I think I'd have more positive feelings for it if I didn't remember the misery of hours 5-7. Blech.

I picked the right profession for me. Sweatshopping it would have made me a real bitch.

Posted by Boudicca at August 26, 2012 10:05 PM

I hate to burst your bubble, but do you really think the people of NO are going to take this one seriously?

I say nope, people never learn. Oh some might but I bet the majority stay and then when the shit hits they will be crying just like before.

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