December 02, 2012

All Over the Road in December

Bones is watching Forest Gump tonight for the first time ever. He is laughing hysterically.

It's so funny how little phrases from movies start to permeate our language. Bones said at one point, "OH! Is that where they get 'Run! Forest! Run!'?" We all laughed.

I think it will be his favorite movie... which means he's going to watch 100 times if he can. He'll have the whole thing memorized and quoting it within the week.

I wish he put that much time into his Math homework...


So the flapper thing went well. Picture to follow. I was so OK with the haircut.

But now it's today and I keep pulling on my bangs, as if they'll grow faster if I pull.

A friend of mine, who is in her 80s said, "Oh I remember when we'd go get our haircuts and we'd say to the beautician, "Don't you give me Mamie Eisenhower bangs!" We just hated them..."

My bangs aren't as bad as all that, but two weeks cannot come fast enough...

flapper head.jpg

And yes, I have on fake eyelashes. That was a very weird experience.

I don't have a picture of full body flapper with dress. Hopefully I'll get one soon.

Grow. Hair. Grow...


I was relating this story about Eric to my family at dinner. When Bones talks about the story, he keeps calling Eric's old car Bleach.

We can't quit laughing. We've decided he needs to name his first daughter Bleach.

On a sidenote... does that stuff happen to anyone but Eric?


We have decided that T is some sort of Sports statistic savant. I was talking to Ringo last night and he was telling me that it is just crazy. T's love of football is so absolutely insane, that when people ask Ringo, "What is T's favorite team?" he will reply, "Football. Football is his favorite team..." He follows... players and strategy.

Ringo said that of all the sports shows he watches, the things he reads, that nobody is as spot on as T.

He said what's so crazy is that most people know a team's 1st and 2nd string of the major positions, but T will know the 4th string lineman of all the teams.

Ringo will be setting up his team and he'll ask T something and T will say, "Well, the 4th string for the Bucs defensive line is Joe Schmo and he played at such and such college..." and then he'll go on some dissertation as to why this is relevant to that week's game. But he does this with ALL the teams and every position.

He can remember numbers and stats like people remember what they ate for lunch.

Ringo says it's absolutely insane and next year he's going to have T sign up to write for the Bleacher Report. Ringo said that when he and T are watching some sports channel, he'll listen to the talking heads and yell at them for their stupidity like some people yell at politicians. He'll storm off and then... Ringo said T's predictions will be correct. He said that it has never failed that when he doesn't listen to T for Fantasy Football... he loses. Meanwhile, T will come up with some crazy off the wall predictions and be right.

And here's the deal. Where as Ringo is seeing this as some amazing football tendancy (and for the record, this is starting to morph into basketball), what I am seeing is T's incredible knack for numbers and statistical analysis.

More than anything, T wants to be a biomedical engineer. He has wanted to go to Med School for awhile, but he knows it's nearly impossible to get in and that all the doctors we know are saying, "Obama care is coming... don't do it...". He has engineering tendancies, so he thinks biomedical is the perfect solution.

And it may be.

But quite frankly, I strongly suspect that what T needs to do is get his bachelor's and masters in statistics... maybe even his doctorates. He sees trends. He has a love of numbers.

He sees things in numbers that others don't see. I get that... I totally get it.

But I need him to see that statistics is where it's at. It's time for me to maybe... make some phone calls.


It has been marathon time for the last three months. On my sitemeter, I get googled for black toenails in huge amounts, during marathon season. It all stems from that picture I posted after my first half marathon when that big toenail went completely black and then fell off. (I lost so many toenails those months...)

If you googled 'black toenail' and ended up at that post and ended up right here... it takes 9 months for that big toenail to grow back.

Just sayin'...

Posted by Boudicca at December 2, 2012 09:57 PM

For the bangs, take biotin, it was recommended to me when I got a way too short haircut and it really does make my glacier speed hair growth kick it up a notch. Plus my fingernails have never looked better, that is until I decide to paint my kitchen cabinets and walls and then reupholster a recliner, the biotin can't help with my own abuse of my fingers. ;)

Posted by: Shanna at December 3, 2012 08:54 AM

I love your flapper look! Suits you.

Posted by: pam at December 3, 2012 08:56 AM

it never occurred to me that Marathon qualified as a season. But it totally does!

love your hair

Posted by: wRitErsbLock at December 3, 2012 10:42 AM

Bones cracks me up... When I first got interested in old movies and the like I had the same revelations. I was never as extreme as he is, but I get it... And it slays me.

Digging the flapper look. No advice about the bangs though.

My brother has the same luck as Eric. Even when something bad happens there will be a benefit. When something good happens, it's better than expected. If there is no dicernable benefit, it makes a great story. Unbelievable.

Warn T. Red is a patent atty. with a background in chemistry and Pre-med. Just the other day she read me an article about how Obama's administration is killing patent litigation. And with the twist of obamacare, biomedical is going to take a HUGE hit. Soon it won't be worth your time to invent anything... Especially biomedical. He needs to go to work for a sports network and get a good bookie (or become one) and he'll be set for life.

I got nothin for the black toenail thing.

Posted by: K-nine at December 3, 2012 11:40 AM

If T is serious about possibly writing for the Bleacher Report I may have some connections to help him out. My wife's brother writes for them and does videos in the basketball part of the site.

Posted by: AJ at December 3, 2012 08:19 PM

First off - love the flapper look. I have no advice for hair growth because mine has always grown like a weed so I never looked into making it grow faster. LOL.

Your story about Mr T made me remember meeting a man named Dan Geer just this last year. He's one of the big wigs in computer security circles. He's the CEO of In-Q-Tel (it's the CIA's venture capital firm). He came and spoke to our computer security group. I told him if I had had a teacher like him, I might have gone in for statistics in college. Absolutely fascinating. He talked all kinds of statistics and everyone in the room was riveted.

He has a PhD in Biostatistics but his career has morphed all over the place. I so wish I could get Mr. T to a meeting where he was talking because I think he'd be fascinated and maybe look at stats in a whole new light. :)

Posted by: Teresa at December 4, 2012 12:04 AM

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Posted by: louis vuitton store at December 4, 2012 08:57 AM

AJ- He is serious. I think he's going to look into submitting items next year. He said if you set up an account and submit it, they'll review it and decide if it's worthy.

Teresa- I need for T to hear him speak. I'm to have to google him for speaking engagements. I'm sure I can't get in... but if he's down here, maybe I know someone would could help. T has a gift. He just... doesn't realize it yet.

Posted by: Bou at December 4, 2012 08:20 PM

You definitely are rockin' the flapper look!

Posted by: Elisson at December 5, 2012 12:27 PM

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