December 24, 2012

'Twas The Night Before Christmas...

For years, my Mom and I had to talk before the holidays to make sure we didn't get my boys the same things. We had this thing for awhile that a package would arrive for a holiday and it would be something I had bought as well.

And I'm talking odd stuff. Like one year I happened to be strolling through Hallmark when I found this weird little cardboard puzzle tree that had animals sleeping underneath little tabs, as in, open a tab and there lay a rabbit or chipmunk. It was a spring/Easter puzzle motif. Two days later, one showed up in the mail for my boys from my Mom.

This happened so often, that now we call each other. Just two weeks ago, I got a call from my Mom from her cell. She was at the Mall.

Mom: Bou, I'm in Belks and I just found some small flashlights...

Me: Are they about 2 inches long and there is a soft button to turn them on?

Mom: Yes!

Me: I did that in their stockings last year...

Mom: So I found this Gator tie...

Me: Got two of them... one for each boy.

But this way we don't duplicate.

Now it's morphed beyond Mom and I. I came home yesterday and there was a Gator gnome on my bed. I looked at my husband and said, "Did you buy this for Mo? She's giving one of these to T for Christmas..."

To which he replied, "No... I thought it was a riot and bought it for him for us..." The gnome goes back. Mo got it for him already.

And then there is the case of flat out forgetting what one has gotten.

Last night I was wrapping gifts and I realized I was one gift short for Bones. I try to keep the boys equal. It's my issue. So I said to my husband in a panic, "Tomorrow morning, go out to the Sports store and get Bones a Saints sweatshirt. He LOVES the Saints and I didn't get him one thing. So just pick that up and we're good...", as I patted myself on the back for the brilliant save.

First thing this morning he did just that.

This afternoon a package arrived at my folks' home.

Mom: Did you order anything?

Me: Not me. We got all our stuff. Maybe it was Flam or Mo.

A couple hours later, my Mom said, 'Bou, it's yours...'

I walked into her bedroom, looked at the box, and read, "" and thought, "Uh oh..."

I opened the box and a flashback came to me, last week, sitting at my computer, thinking, "I'm short a gift for Bones. I know. I'll order a Saints sweatshirt... that will round it out. Brilliant save..." *click* had it sent to my folks' home.

And evidently as I hit *click* the brain was wiped clean as if it had never happened. Fortunately, it all came rushing back. I hate it when... it doesn't.

So now I need to start writing this stuff down or eventually all the gifts will end up in triplicate.

Sucks getting old...

Posted by Boudicca at December 24, 2012 06:48 PM