December 29, 2012

Rivers and Woods

We are home. We made the trek back south today.

We left Pensacola, hugging my parents and brother, telling them they could go back into the house for it was so so cold. It was 40 degrees.

We arrived back in West Palm Beach, got out of the car and Bones said, "Oh my God... it's so hot." It was 75 and humid at 6:30PM. Blech.

I love my parents. I was blessed to be born to two genuinely good and loving people. If all the children of the world were so lucky, this world would be a far different place.

Mr. T received a postcard in the mail while we were away asking him to apply to the USNA STEM program. He's going to apply. I don't think he'll get accepted, but the fact that he wants to apply and that he ended up on their radar... both are good things in my book.


I downloaded a book from the library on my Kindle... a book of short stories. Whereas I think she's a very good writer, I've realized I'm not sure I like short stories.

What happens to the character next? Where is the closure? Short of the character dying at the end... short stories kind of leave you hanging.


We took the boys to see the Jack Reacher movie and enjoyed it. Any movie that has Robert Duval, even as a cameo, has to have some funny parts. I love him. He's awesome.


Two more days for those jerkweeds in DC to come up with a compromise!!!

Two more days with them toying with our lives... what a bunch of jerks.

There should be some sort of punishment in our laws for idiot Congress. I think that it should read something like, "If Congress cannot come up with a balanced budget, they lose 20% of their retirement permanently and must go on Obama care. In the event they try to resign in avoidance, they lose all retirement and healthcare."

Guarantee you they'd have that sh-- figured out by now. Guarantee you.

Posted by Boudicca at December 29, 2012 11:07 PM

Bou, you are spot on with the answer on what should happen with those idiots!! My conservative friend keeps telling me we don't need term limits. We just need voters who are willing to vote people out when they aren't getting the job done, instead of voters who vote people in because they stand to benefit from whomever is in office! I hate this sh--!!!

Posted by: Peggy K at December 30, 2012 04:52 AM

I'm boycotting the Reacher movie. I've read all 16 books (or is it 18??) and trust me, Cruise is NO Jack Reacher. Not even in the tiniest sense of the word.

The only reason Cruise got that role is his production company bought the rights...I guess he liked the character so he made it work. Asshat.

Short stories are like what we tell on our blogs. I think the main difference is we can keep reading more stories of the same person and we end up forming our own idea of the person/subject/protagonist in our mind.

And we are going over that cliff. Nothing will stop it. Congress has insulated themselves from it, so they truly do not care. They never have or they would have corrected the problem years ago.

Posted by: Rave at December 30, 2012 07:53 AM

Peggy- I have found that nobody thinks THEIR congressman/senator is the idiot. It's everyone else's.

Rave- I'd not read any of his books, but my Dad gave me the author's name and he's on my list to read.

I think you're right about short storie and blogs... but blogs keep going. The short story, the reader is left to fill in the blanks for the after part. What happened when she died? Did they get it all squared away? What happened to the daugther? It's left to the reader so to me it's like reading chronic cliff hangars...

I think it's funny how everyone wants to blame just one side for this mess. Oh the Republicans won't compromise! Hello? Last I read there are two sides and they BOTH need REAL compromises.

I need to find a better messed up country. There has to be one...

Posted by: Bou at December 30, 2012 10:42 AM

Saw a poster on facebook that said, "Let's push Congress off the fiscal cliff". heh. About says it all doesn't it.

I recently saw Lee Child on TCM with Robert Osbourne. He was talking about books being made into movies. I found it amusing when he said, "Bad books make the best movies." I had to wonder what he thinks of his own books in this regard. I won't see the movie because I don't like Tom Cruise. I just can't watch him.

Being rather anal about reading, when I was told about Lee Child a few years ago, I decided to try and read the stories in order. So I got hold of the first one he wrote and absolutely hated it. I may eventually try another one, but quite honestly, I'm not champing at the bit to read another. LOL.

Posted by: Teresa at December 30, 2012 12:38 PM

CDR Salamander points to an interesting NY Post article about what ending the Bush Tax Rates does to people in New York. A lot of people are surprised at what they will be paying next year.

Posted by: The Thomas at December 30, 2012 08:04 PM