December 30, 2012

Coming to a Close

So tomorrow is the last day before we go over the fiscal cliff. The sadistic side of me is waiting for the horror that the ignorant people will feel when they realize how this really is going to effect them.

I'm only empathetic to those who have been paying attention. To those who have not, I am not even nicely indifferent. I am grinning with sadistic anticipation for the weeping and gnashing of teeth.

The dark and ugly side of me.

If you vote with your eyes and ears closed or you choose not to vote, then when something happens that comes home to roost where you reside, and you're stunned due to ignorance or apathy, then... right. Too bad. So sad.

Seek sympaty from the devil.

And to just dig my trench deeper, I am looking oh so forward to all those people who voted for Obama for Obama care. I know what is coming. I know how ugly it will be.

I await the crying over the mistreatment, lack of treatment, and overall horror of the ghastliness as to what they voted for and has now befallen them.

Don't call me for sympathy if you voted for him. I ain't got it. Nor will I ever.


My car will not make it 250K. We had a rear grinding noise in the right front end before we left for my parents' home which I posted on. Just because I can't hear it doesn't mean I don't know an issue is still there.

And then on Thursday night, we took my folks to dinner, it was cold out and we had the heat on in my car as we followed my folks and brother in their car. Suddenly there was a smell like... burning wax.

At first we thought there was something in the local air. We'd had the heat on for a full 10 minutes. Then we realized... NOPE. It was my car. So we turned all the heat off and the smell went away.

That's never good.

I half expected that when we came out from dinner, my car would be a charred disaster. Or we'd be at dinner to have our waitress come up and say, 'Do you own a mini-van? It's engulfed in flames.'

Neither happened. I think in a small way I was sorta wishing it would.

So now we're realizing I could have bigger issues and I'll take it to my mechs this week or next, my saving grace being it is in the frickin' 80s and no heat is required, although we have used it since the 'burning wax' incident and it was fine.

I've got a back up plan in order. If this van gives up the ghost before 250K, I'm buying something used to get me through T's high school years and maybe well into Bones'.

I never intended to get an actual car until Bones' Junior or Senior year.

So, we'll see.


Tomorrow is New Years' Eve and we have been invited to a friend's home. It always makes me a bit nervous, being in a car on the Eve. It is when people drink too much and still drive.

But it should be a good time and the boys are looking forward to going.


This incoming year should be interesting. For Christmas, I had my husband get me a membership to a small gym near my work. It's time for me to start working out again. It's been 2 years and it's time for me to quit being lazy and get back into it.

I have to have surgery some time this year. I have an umblical hernia, an after effect of my gall bladder surgery 7 years ago. He says it's a piece of cake, do it on a Friday, back at work on Monday, no big deal.

I'm not chomping at the bit to get it done, but it's time. I just have to fit it in my schedule. No ab work outs at the gym. It's been forbidden.


I didn't put this out there before, and I'm not going into details, but my Mom was really really sick this past December. Really scary sick.

Scary as it scared the hell out of me. She is well now, but... yeah, that sucked.

For Mom and Dad most. Blech. I don't want a repeat in 2013.


In my looking back at 2012... I guess the first thing that comes to my mind is...

... I miss Lex.

A lot. Every single thing that has happened in the last six months I've wondered, 'What would Lex's cerebral take have been on this?'

Every.single.event. Good and bad. I miss him. Terribly.

'nuff said.


I'm feeling cranky. Can you tell?

Posted by Boudicca at December 30, 2012 10:32 PM

"Neither happened. I think in a small way I was sorta wishing it would."

Now THAT would be blog fodder.

Posted by: K-nine at December 31, 2012 12:55 AM

"Seek sympaty from the devil."


Glad your Mom is better. That's the sort of thing that can shake us to our core... God bless and keep your entire family in this brave new world of steep cliffs and gun grabs.

Posted by: pam at December 31, 2012 07:53 AM

I was having the fiscal cliff/ destruction of the US conversation just the other day. We have a well stocked freezer and pantry, few bills and a plan if the world goes to hell in a hand basket. And I'm with you... if you voted for O, well, get in line for your hand out and good luck with that. Me, my guns and my religion will be watching, comfortably, from well, an undisclosed location. Happy 2013!

Posted by: Jody at December 31, 2012 09:23 AM

So I think you hit on why I gravitated to your blog to begin with. You speak my mind. I, too, can't wait to hear all the complaining about what will be happening come 1/1/13 just to be able to then ask, "Who'd you vote for?"

Nice news about your mom feeling better. Sorry she was not well this past month. Let her know that she's not allowed to get into that situation again in 2013.

And yes, I can tell you're cranky. But that's okay. We love your sassiness anyways!!!

Posted by: Peggy K at December 31, 2012 09:26 AM

The reaction isn't going to be pretty when everyone in DC falls off the cliff and when Obamacare kicks in. That reality check is gonna hurt . . BAD

I look forward to your postings regarding the hunt for new vehicle!! ;-)

Worst thing in the world seeing loved ones sick and can only watch and pray. So very glad your Mom is better!!

Posted by: Nina at December 31, 2012 09:30 AM

part of me is gleefully looking forward to watching the world burn.

I've had Barry McGuire's Eve of Destruction in my head a lot lately.

Posted by: wRitErsbLock at December 31, 2012 10:41 AM

And here I was hoping you could get to the 250K mark. The burning smell might have been coming from the heater core. If that goes then you'd be left with no heat, but that's probably not too big of an issue for you down there. The grinding noise... grinding noises always cost money. *sigh*

The looming fiscal cliff. I did my best to vote us out of this mess. Sadly I only get one vote and it wasn't enough. Now all I can do is put my head down and work to keep us afloat. It's tiring. But I'm with you, I don't want to hear anyone who voted for this b*&^%ing about it once they get the bill. GAH!!!

I'm so glad your mom is doing better. That is very very scary. Will be sending good thoughts and prayers her way that this year she stays well.

Now, make time early in the year to get the hernia fixed. The sooner the better ;)

Posted by: Teresa at December 31, 2012 03:06 PM

Bou - I am sorry your mom has been doing poorly, but glad she is out of the woods. It must have been especially difficult having to travel to be with your parents at this time of year, while keeping things running at your house as well. I hope the new year brings you a chance to rest up and regroup.

I am with you 100% on the outlook on Obamacare and the tax situation. I'm not looking forward to the pain myself, but am hoping that it will be acute enough to finally drill some sense into the thick skulls of the people who voted for this monster. And I do believe he is a soulless monster.

Posted by: PeggyU at December 31, 2012 03:22 PM

I'm glad your Mom is better. My oldest brother and I had to find a place for our Mom. She has Alzheimers and it was time. He and his wife have been taking care of her for 5 years. My SIL is golden. I try to not get myself into a "state" over Obamacare because there's absolutely nothing I can do about. I've ranted and raved til I'm blue in the face to idiots that believe in it and him. I'm just waiting for them to realize it and then I can say "Neener Neener, idiots".

Posted by: Tina at December 31, 2012 05:27 PM

We won't have to wait until Obamacare to hear moaning. The fiscal cliff falloff cuts includes $22 million from payments to doctors, doctors will refuse to treat, old people won't beable to find doctors or doctors will give-up on treating them.

Should take about a month for full on moaning I am thinking.

I will send prayers for your mom for continued good health.

Posted by: Quality Weenie at December 31, 2012 06:57 PM

Also forgot about the Milk fiscal cliff,something nobody is talking about.

Jan 1st, if a deal hasn't been made about some agriculteral bill then all laws go back to 1949 (I think) and basically milk will skyrocket, people are predicting $8/gallon within weeks.

Posted by: Quality Weenie at December 31, 2012 06:59 PM

Didn't Obama say something about shared sacrifice? I think it's about time he joined in the sharing. No more jaunting off to parties and vacations on the taxpayer dime would be a good place to start.

Posted by: PeggyU at December 31, 2012 08:57 PM

I was just over at the mother ship and missing Lex too.. time for a pint of Guinness methinks. All the best for a better 2013.

Posted by: flatlander at December 31, 2012 11:36 PM