January 14, 2013

Feeling Old

Have any of you read the John Wells series by Aaron Berenson? I'm reading the Midnight House and I like it. I have to always wait for the next Mitch Rapp or Scot Horvath book to come out... and I stumbled on this character John Wells.

I was thinking of going back to the beginning of the series and starting with book 1. Yes? No? Opinions?

Bones audition is tomorrow at 5PM. I'm a mess. He's a headcase. I'm trying not to be a mess around him. I'm trying to be the picture of calm.

No reason there should be two headcases in the house... but I'm a disaster inside.

His last lesson was tonight. Last week he said to me, "Mom, I've been practicing since MAY. I'm done. Let's get this over..."

But today he was not so confident. I kept him from his Chorus practice tonight, worried he'll get sick before hand. He's such a case he said to me, "Maybe I should get a flu shot..."

And I replied, "Last week. No flu shot the day before, my friend. Take a deep breath."

But I'm taking no chances. He's not riding the bus tomorrow. I'm taking him in so he's almost late and can't hang out with anyone. He's going to his Science class and one choral class and then I'm getting him before lunch.

Good grief.

He said to me today, 'I know you have a back up plan. You always have a Plan B"

I just didn't have the heart to tell him that I frickin' HATE Plan B and I'm praying, praying, praying... we don't have to inact it.

Please, Dear God, let him get in.

I'll post his song later in the week... three months ago and now. You can see the improvements.

Meanwhile, one of his buddies is a funny guy. I'll call him Colton.

Colton goes through these obsessive phases. He dresses very mod surfer cool. He has wire rim glasses like the 60s, crazy blond hair that is like something you'd see on an artist. He dresses in surfer shorts and oversized button down shirts, usually capped off with a bow tie... that HE made.

And it sounds like a mess, but the kid has style. He is in 8th grade and that kid has some serious style.

He went through a phase last year where he was making bow ties out of everything. He learned how to sew and he started making them. He wore a different one every day.

Then he went through a guitar phase. He carried his guitar everywhere, just strumming. (This is an art school... so this stuff is considered very normal.) Bones said he could walk out of class and hear guitar and know that Colton must be in the courtyard playing his guitar. He carried it from class to class.

Like I said... it's an Art School.

Maybe the guitar got too heavy, because soon he was onto the harmonica. Bones said he could be seen dancing a jig in the hallways, playing his harmonica, all the way to class.

Like I said... it's an Art School.

And the kid is a cool cat. The kid has style.

Evidently the latest phase is... vinyl. This was my conversation with Bones, who makes the conversations so dang funny with the expressions.

Bones: Colton has a new thing. He's really into... records.

Me: Records? Really?

Bones, shaking his head: I know. I don't get it. Mom, he's a friend. So I try to act like I get it. He gets all excited. Do you know what he said today? "My buddy and I trading. I'm hoping to get Lennon's Imagine"

Me: Really?

Bones, big eyed, I mean bug eyed: Yeah. Imagine. And I've never heard of this guy, but he's my friend, so I'm all, "Oh that's GREAT Colton!" and I have no clue what he's talking about... some guy named John Lennon and now he's all excited because he's getting Sgt. Pepper tomorrow too. Mom. Sgt Pepper. No clue who this is... this is all 60s stuff, isn't it?

Bwhahahaha. John Lennon. "And I've never heard of this guy..."

Funny kid.

Posted by Boudicca at January 14, 2013 10:25 PM

Suddenly I don't feel quite so wierd about my 600 or so 78s. Not to mention the few hundred 33s laying around... And the several dozen 45s.

Sgt. Pepper. Ha! I have Harold Lauder from 1911.

Good luck to bones!

Posted by: K-nine at January 14, 2013 11:13 PM

Go Bones!
You really need to spend this summer doing some music history lessons with him.

Posted by: AC at January 14, 2013 11:37 PM

My kids discovered my vinyl when Wayne's World was big. They started singing the chorus to Bohemian Rhapsody and I took up with the rest of the lyrics. Then they discovered that Dad had the Wayne's World song on vinyl. From tres lame to tres chic in a blink. And somehow BTO came up a week or so later.

Fast forward to my sons high school daze when he's a dj now and all over vinyl. He still has a better idea of what I have for vinyl than I do. We gave him a mixer for his birthday and then we gave him a second turn table for Christmas. A friend of mine is a dj, so he clued us in to a good, affordable mixer.

Then again, my progeny are more than 10 years ahead of yours, so they heard and saw vinyl when they were young and it was on its last legs. And cassette tape.

Heh. I can think of a whole bunch of Libs that should take that to heart, the 60s just aren't as unforgettable as they think.

Still, Sgt Pepper's was the first album I ever bought with my own money.

Posted by: marcus erroneous at January 15, 2013 06:04 PM

Marcus reminded me that when I went back to college in '99 I was taking a physics course. We were studying circular motion. The prof said, "like a record on a turntable."


I said, "Doc, I think we're the only two in here who ever owned albums".

He tried CDs as an analogy, but that fell flat too because you can't actually watch them turn.

I don't know if he ever came up with anything.

Posted by: K-nine at January 15, 2013 06:22 PM

It's 7 your time. Fingers crossed it all went well.

Posted by: AC at January 15, 2013 07:18 PM

Also I just notice that I spelled weird wrong at the top.
F'n spell check will change stuff I don't want (the piece of music I sent yesterday was 'Valse Bluette', not valise) but leaves an obvious mistake like that. Argh!

Posted by: K-nine at January 16, 2013 12:38 AM

LOL that conversation with Bones so reminds me of when my daughter was about 9 years old... we were in the car and a Beatles song came on (don't remember which one).

L: Who's singing that?
Me: The Beatles
L: Oh, so they did a remake of a Tiffany song?
Me: *blink*

Posted by: Teresa at January 16, 2013 01:34 PM

Thanks Bou and fellow commenters for making me feel ancient. I'm gonna go oil up my wheelchair and walker now.....

But this musical mystery tour goes both ways. I spend a lot of time volunteering at a zoo staffed by folks half my age. I'm clueless when they talk about music, I've never heard of most of the current "big stars."

Posted by: George P. at January 17, 2013 07:41 PM