January 15, 2013


Is the sound it made as he hit it OUT of the ballpark.

He said he felt great. And unlike when he says that about a Math test, I believe him. He knows when he does well on a vocal test. He knows when he sings well. He knows when he can sight read a piece. He knows when he can pick out a single note from a chord.

Those things he knows.

Is it possible he still could NOT get in? Yes. But not because he didn't nail the audition or give it his best.

There are 20-25 spots. Over two hundred kids audition. They take the boys first... see who passes and who does not and from the boys that pass, the top one or two are separated out and given a slot and the rest are put in a lottery. They need five to seven boys and 15 tried out. There may be more that audition later, but for sure, we had 15.

We think all the boys auditioned today. It took three hours... Bones was number 12 and at 15 minutes a piece... we were there a long time.

So if everyone passes... he has between a 33% chance and a nearly 50% chance. The other slots are filled by the 185 girls that will audition... same thing, the top girl or two are pulled and reserved and the rest that pass their audition go into a random lottery.

So... yes, he nailed it... but if he is not the top boy, he is now in a lottery pool.

His buddy, Colton, of the story below about the vinyl, we were blown away when we saw him.

He was wearing a dark black shirt with white polka dots the size of half dollars and a black bow tie with black dress pants.

Bones can't wait to ask him tomorrow if anyone said anything about his shirt. It was CRAZY.

So I'm at peace. He is too. We have to wait until April to find out.

I just wanted him to nail his audition... the rest is out of our control, but preparation was within our realm.

Now it's the number game... fingers crossed.

Posted by Boudicca at January 15, 2013 08:23 PM

YeeeeeeHaa! Excellent Job Bones!

Posted by: AC at January 15, 2013 09:42 PM

Also, excellent job Bones !!!11!!

If he felt he hit it out of the park, he did.

You can tell if you are stretching a pitch. He would have known if that were off.

The other parts are presence. If Bones was on his A game, it would be something to see.

At his age I never had that "presence" when singing. Public speaking was another matter.

Posted by: The Thomas at January 15, 2013 10:52 PM

AC- I cannot believe how whacked out stressed I was over this. when he came out... when we got home... I just wanted to sleep. I don't think I've slept in a week.

Thomas- Yeah, he can tell. This is his forte. And today he felt really good...

I've been concerned. I've not posted it here, but something is off about his voice. He had a cold for about (not kidding) six weeks. It had this nasty cough. Ever since, his voice does not sound... whole. It sounds, airy. If he makes it in, if his voice doesn't clear, I'm taking him to an ENT I know that does this kind of work with performers.

He and I just had this conversation today on public speaking vs. singing. He told me he loves public speaking and it doesn't phase him, but this auditioning with vocal makes me a mess inside.

When I finally get the video posted, you'll see he still doesn't smile when he sings. But when he's with a group? He emotes so much his director has to tell him not to smile, 'This song is in Korean. The guy's girlfriend just died. Seem sad,ok?"

Posted by: Bou at January 15, 2013 11:11 PM


Posted by: K-nine at January 16, 2013 12:38 AM

Way to go, Bones!

Posted by: wRitErsbLock at January 16, 2013 09:23 AM

Whew - I'm so glad the stress of the audition is over. I know it will be difficult waiting to see what happens, but if he did his best then that's all that can be done. At least now you don't have to worry about him getting the flu and not having his chance. Sending best thoughts and prayers and all other good vibes to the universe that he is chosen for one of the spots.

Posted by: Teresa at January 16, 2013 01:28 PM

First thing that sound reminded me is a well hit golf shot. Different metaphor, same meaning.

Still, good on him. I hope that is how it plays out for him come April. That'll do something to decrease the trouble available to him during high school. And give him good memories. I was a band geek and had lots of fun doing it. Memories that still grace me with a smile at the thought and sea stories I still tell.

Me? While he is singing in church with his God given pleasant voice gracing God, I'm singing with my God given less than pleasant voice getting even. I play with the cards I'm dealt. :-)

He's mostly off the hook now while you can fret for the next three months. :D

Posted by: marcus erroneous at January 17, 2013 08:30 PM