February 05, 2013

It's not Even Intuitive Anymore. Just Fact.

I know I posted about how Bones went to Busch Gardens with his science class. They were studying physics. I'm not sure if I put that each were to take with them a camera and take pictures of certain things during the trip... speed, velocity, projectile, buoyancy.

I'll be honest. I knew from the get go, it was screaming in my head, "No good can come of this".

So we're going to hand an 8th grade boy with ADHD, a camera, in an amusement park, with lights, motion, sound, more possible stimulation than you can possibly imagine, give him a list and say, 'remember to take pictures of all this stuff'.


I wasn't asked to chaperone. His entire class wasn't offered the ability, so it wasn't anything personal. But I knew if I'd gone, I would have walked with Bones and his buddy, made sure they took their 15 pictures and then left them alone to enjoy the rest of their day by themselves.

Instead, I was left praying, "Dear Lord, please let Bones' partner be focused, driven and organized. Amen."

Let us not forget that little saying about magnets attracting, like to like, etc. I know that the kids that Bones chooses to hang with are flighty kids who live in a world of cotton candy clouds just as he does.

Please. One of his best buddies dances jigs through the hallways playing the harmonica in between classes.

This is not 'normal'.

This is an art school.

As he got out of my car I said, 'Bones, please, remember... pictures' to which I got the standard reply, "I got it Ma"... a response that now sends shivers down my spine. It's the less dangerous equivalent of "Hey y'all, Watch This!"

When he got back in the car upon returning, when I asked, "So how did the pictures go?" I received the reply, 'GREAT!' which I suspected was the equivalent of "How did the Math test go?" when he replies, "Great! I got an A' only to find he made a 35.

But I said nothing. Sometimes I play Scarlet and do the "I'll worry about it tomorrow'. Sometimes I play the ostrich and choose to remain in denial for just a little bit. Sometimes, I'm just hopeful.

All of them are coping mechanisms. Pick a day and there is no rhyme or reason as to which I will pick when my patience/coping meters have been pegged.

I don't know which it was that night. I'm leaning towards hopeful, but that famous river was probably involved.

His Dad does the Science. I do the Math. I can't do it all with him or I'll freak. I can only handle so much Bones.

So I left it alone, hoping someone had this under control.

A week later I finally starting badgering Bones as to when the pictures were due.

A side note, very few places develop real film anymore on the premises. Thank you CVS. They do.

I went to take the camera to get the film developed and realized... that there were TEN pictures left blank on the camera. 10. Ten. TEN!

That didn't bode well. Furious, I told him I didn't pay to have empty film developed and had him take pictures of his brothers.

I picked up the pictures, dropped them on the table and said to my husband, "Do with them as you must..."

Last night was the moment of truth, evidently. They were putting the project together. I was in the dining room when I started to hear the panic in the voice of my husband.

"Bones! Where are all your pictures! I have TEN pictures of your BROTHERS, a bunch of blank pictures, and the rest of them I have NO CLUE what I'm looking at..."

It went downhill from there.

Only one turned out... centrifugal force.

Of the entire camera.

Bones swears it was the worst camera ever and totally not his fault, except that doesn't explain why he didn't take pictures of 2/3 of the items he needed.

Fortunately, the teacher understood that although the intent was there, roads to hell and all that stuff, there was a Plan B. You could take pictures in your home of any that didn't take on the trip.

Which for Bones, was all but one.

Last night we spent the night taking pictures of projection, shooting nerf out of a gun took 10 takes, Bones scooting around on his scooter on the back porch (at night, I might add) for speed, a ball rolling down a foam board for acceleration... and on and on...

On the side, I was helping T with his homework. We were doing those damn train and bus problems... if Tina traveled 540 miles, 140 by bus and 300 by train, and the train traveled 10 km/hour faster than the bus, what was the speed of each?

I looked at T and said, 'Son, you cannot comprehend how much more stress free my life is going to be when a certain person goes away to college in 5 years..."

He thinks it's a riot.

I'm just trying to cope.

Posted by Boudicca at February 5, 2013 07:42 PM

This is exactly what Flickr is for. Just search, find , download and print. :-)

Posted by: Jody at February 5, 2013 07:57 PM

I hope you are saving all of these stories for your grandkids!

Posted by: PeggyU at February 5, 2013 09:17 PM

Remember that Bones hasn't hit HS yet. It is going to get more interesting before he hits college.

I grew up with a kid like Bones. He just retired from the State Dept. Did quite well, thank you.

I expect that Bones will surprise you. Then too TN may have to watch his back.

Posted by: The Thomas at February 5, 2013 10:24 PM

Well this Tina would have jumped off either the train or bus the second she found out she was in the middles of a math word problem.

Posted by: Tina at February 5, 2013 11:49 PM

Film? Really? I didn't know anyone used film anymore. LOL.

I'm glad they gave other options for photos because I just don't see any of the kids getting photos from an amusement park. Maybe 1 like Bones got but that's about it. And in this day of digital photography it's much harder to shoot with film which takes some extra diligence... not exactly a Bones forte. ;)

Posted by: Teresa at February 6, 2013 04:25 PM

Yes they do use film.

My son had to revive my 35mm SLR camera for his Photography class and buy a gross of Pan-X/Tri-X film.

They supplied the chemicals, but he had to purchase the tank (for developing film) and paper for the enlarger.

It improved his composition.

Posted by: The Thomas at February 6, 2013 09:39 PM

Jody- Well, bonus is I knew what Flickr was... but I have no clue how to use it!

Peggy- I'm going to print my blog for my boys when they leave home and have it bound. I'm not kidding. I'm going to sift through all the stories and hand it to them when Bones is 21.

Thomas- I say often he may be most successful kid. His ability to communicate will see him far.

Tina- OK, that was dang funny. I didn't realize what you meant until I reread. I'd just picked a name! Bwhwhahaha!

Teresa- I'm going to talk to some of the other Moms and see how many of their kids got the pictures. I think you're right.

And lots of people still use real film. The key is finding someone who can develop it and on short notice.

Case in point, I went to Target, they send theirs out. Walgreens, needed four days. CVS- On the premises, next day service. So now I know... CVS rules.

Posted by: Bou at February 6, 2013 09:50 PM

It's going to get harder to find any film as time goes on. Kodak is out of business and Fuji is cutting back. I know pros who use film still and they are having a devil of a time finding what they want.

For a kid like Bones, the instant results of digital would keep his attention somewhat... well, marginally longer ;) With film you shoot and have to wait to see what happened. That's a real problem with a kid who has a short attention span. Of course if he has no interest in taking photos then even a digital camera wouldn't keep his attention.

Posted by: Teresa at February 6, 2013 11:39 PM

Most professionals now use digital. The resolution that you can get from a full frame digital now is good enough for 30"x40" prints. Photoshop, also called "the digital darkroom" allows for an amazing amount editing and customization of images. Some few very high end portrait and landscape photographers shoot film, but they are mostly shooting medium or large format films. The 35mm is right there with the VCR and cassette tape. The Old SLRs are awesome to teach with, because there is no cheating with them. I shoot a couple rolls every now and then to keep the fundamentals sharp.

Posted by: Webb at February 7, 2013 04:32 PM