March 08, 2013

Middle School Crazy

Bones' middle school, as I've stated previously, is a school for artistic kids. They have to audition.

Every now and then you'll get a kid that is hugely artistic and amazingly athletically inclined.

Every now and then.

But mostly, not. What I'm finding is that the kids that go to school with Bones, are so pegged out artistically that they don't have time for sports. Or, and I've been thinking about this, their parents realized very early on this was the route they should take, and spent all the time on some sort of art lesson (think strings, band, drawing, singing, dancing) over the sports that kids focus on, in particular boys, like basketball and baseball.

So to put it lightly, his middle school isn't known for their mad athletic prowess. They aren't known for their amazing sports teams.


And so Bones came home the other day and said their middle school is now 0-6 in basketball. The conversation went like this:

Bones: Mom, we so suck at sports.

Me: Well, that's not what y'all have chosen to focus your time on.

Bones: No, seriously. We suck. We're like... oh and six. We've not won ONE game in basketball.

Me, quickly glancing over as I'm driving: Interesting. You know... when I'm at your school, I never see any really tall kids... not boys anyway.

Bones: Exactly and today? Today one of the boys on the team said to me, "You should have seen this last team, Bones. They were HUGE" and I said to him, "Well... we aren't tall people here for some reason" and the kid replied, "NO. I mean they DROVE TO THE GAME!""

And this elicited a huge laugh from both Bones and me as he recounted it. The 8th graders were so big, they drove to the game.

I gather the boy continued to expound upon the age of these 8th graders from this inner city school they played.

I remember one of the assistant coaches from a very suburban high school telling me that he'd show up with his baby faced Juniors, to play some inner city school and the players would hand their babies to some young girl before they got on the court. They had full beards, tatts, babies...

Anyway, I laughed really hard at Bones because earlier in the day, my gf was telling me about the middle school down the street from where we work. None of us will send our kids there. I think the private schools in the area stay busy because the locals are dang close to deathly afraid of this middle school.

How bad is it?

I have a friend whose husband is a Jewish Cop and he paid to have his kids sent to the local Baptist school to keep them out.

So my friend said to me, "You know Joan Doe with all those kids? She has always sent her kids to Middle School XYA, but she finally drew the line when they put in student parking last week..."

So, yeah, the times they are a-changin'.


Bones had a competition today. We took my 19 year old nephew. He is a young man of few words. There is thought he might be an Aspie. He has a lot of the tendencies and his Mom, having just become a special Ed teacher five years ago is now fully recognizing that the myriad issues they have had to contend with through the years... alone... may very well have had a reason.

There are people who shun labels. When my son was diagnosed with ADHD, I embraced it. It gave me the ability to research and not feel alone. I could talk to others and they'd totally get it. Before, I just had this crazy big energy impulsive all over the road kid I couldn't relate to. Identifying the 'whys' of it was huge to me.

And I think this has been good for her.

Anyway, he's an awesome kid and really loves Bones like a brother. Bones my extroverted ADHD kid and my nephew the introverted Aspie are like peas and carrots. It seems an odd combo, but my nephew seems to calm Bones down and Bones brings out the best in my nephew.

So there was this performance and we brought my nephew, who didn't really know what to expect except his cousin happens to sing.

When we left, my nephew looked at me wide eyed and said, "THAT was amazing. That is NOT what I expected at all. I'm blown away..."

Their first song was an African song called tshotsholoza, complete with foot stomping. Bones had tried out for the solo, but he is NOT a tenor. He is firmly a baritone now. His voice has settled.

Their rendition was much more animated than this. I'm hoping to find it on the internet...until then, this is close, but not as lively.

We are coming to an end for his Middle School years... years that have single handedly been the best he's had. I know if he gets into the high school, it won't be the same.

But I pray it's positive, because all we've had with him the last three years, exceeded our wildest dreams... and then some.

Posted by Boudicca at March 8, 2013 11:48 PM

Can't wait to see their version!

Posted by: Peggy K at March 9, 2013 06:05 AM

You must ask me to come to some of these. I would love for my boys to see Bones singing. Music is in their blood as well...

Posted by: vwbug at March 9, 2013 06:34 AM

If it's an arts high school as well, then it should be as similar as it can be when you have American High School. Much more so than MS (as you well know) he'll have drama - and not the class kind.

Only now the dating thing will be an imperative. Kids will be finding their "voice" as it were, who they are in common parlance. Which is the source of a lot of HS drama from what I saw while my kids were going through it as I observed their friends.

I had a great time in high school as a band geek. I played trumpet in the marching band, a dixieland band, for theater presentations of musicals, in a pop band that played at private parties, and was the drum major. It was great fun and no slushies. ;)

My daughter and son were their own people and enjoyed HS. If he is as well, he'll do fine. It seems the kids who get all twisted up in knots about what other people think of them seemed to have the most problems. I never cared and, surprise, my kids never cared, and we all had a good time. Not flawless, but good time over all.

If he's comfortable in his skin, he should have a great time. Especially if it's an artsy school like middle school.

My son rode the short bus to kindergarten. He was one of "those" kids. Other parents wouldn't let their children play with him. We accepted his issues and worked with him and the school system to get him what he needed. He graduated HS in three years, doing his junior year in his first semester and his senior year in his second semester of his final year. And he completed his Eagle project during that year. And he was the secretary of the OA lodge that year. And he was a systems administrator for a local city that year. And he had an active social life. I don't know how he did it, that ability did not come from me. But we accepted his issues, worked with the system, and he overcame his issues. And now he's a CPT in the AF now and doing just fine. Some parents refused to accept the issues facing their kids and things did not go well.

So, with you accepting and working with him, he should do well. Short and long term. He's got you and your husband, his brothers, his cousins and aunts. In short, he's got a great, close family and he should be fine. Not perfect maybe, but fine.

Posted by: marcus erroneous at March 9, 2013 09:58 AM

The Drakies do an excellent version of that song, though that should be expected because the are actually from South Africa!

Posted by: Web at March 11, 2013 09:16 AM