April 29, 2013


I was released Friday for all activity, except ab work. He said I might want to hold off on abs a bit.

One week and I was at nearly 100%. One week after some guy cuts into my stomach and I can do anything but crunches.



Am I the only person laughing at the absurdity of the whole ricin deal? From "Elvis impersonator trying to poison the President and others..." to "I don't even eat rice..." to "diabolical plot of someone trying to get even with Elvis man..." to on and on and on.

For the love of God. I'm always wondering what's going to come up next.


Ever have one of those days where its just... not good? I left today saying to my boss, "The bad guys won today. I'm coming back tomorrow..."

And there aren't any bad guys really (not today anyway), but just... things never really hit tap dead center.

One of those days. Ugh.


Bones had, however, a pretty good day.

It turns out that he was the ONLY kid in his English class to do their homework. Out of 24 kids... the only kid.

So as the teacher read the number, Bones raised his hand, said the vocab word and gave the definition.

Finally after #3, the teacher asked if there was ANYONE ELSE in the class that was ready. When there was no response, he shrugged and let Bones continue.

And that was when Bones got to #5 and sat there quietly staring at his paper. His teacher, realizing Bones couldn't pronounce the word said he'd say it and Bones could define it.

Me: What do you mean you couldn't pronounce it?

Bones: It was a tough word. Aqua something with an ess.

Me: *pause* acquiesce?

Bones: yeah, that's it. acquiesce.

Me: I use that word all the time. For instance, when they ask me at work about something at home, I might say, "Yeah, Bones wanted to do ABC, but I wouldn't let him. And he just hammered on me over and over and over and wore me the hell down until finally I acquiesced."

Bones, glancing sideways: *pause* Nice.

Me: But oh... so... true.

He knows that word very well now.


Bones can project. How well can he project? He projects so well, that now in Boys' Chorus, all the baritones have been moved to one half of the chorus while Bones carries the entire other half by himself.

Now it might seem at first blush that Bones should tone it down, but it would appear that the other baritones just flat don't sing. So Bones essentially sings the equivalent of 3-4 baritones that don't sing.

Occasionally Bones is moved to bass to fill out a weak section or a tenor that is not too strenuous to assist. (Tenor is becoming more and more of a challenge.)

Mostly he's a baritone, though, a kid whose voice started to change but never really finished. Fortunately he can nail most of the notes... although sometimes a bit flat... because everyone can hear him.

And this entire time, I thought the fact I could hear him during the performances was because I was his mother and I knew his voice. A month ago there was a big performance that a friend of mine attended. I got a txt from her.

GF: Hey! I'm here. Bones' group is performing. I can't believe how amazing they are.

Me: If you listen closely, you can hear him. But it may be just because I know his voice.

GF: NO. I can DEFINITELY hear him! And I don't even know his voice!

Just as I have said Bones' entire life, "Before Bones, life was black and white. He has added color..." so is his station in the choral groups. He adds that extra depth.

And he's not afraid to do it.

Bow tie pictures are coming. Evidently Ringo is a bow tie man now... even to school if a tie is required.

Posted by Boudicca at April 29, 2013 09:21 PM

If anything gets him permanently in the Arts HS, it will be his ability to sing-out without other people supporting him.

You have no idea how important that is to the choir director to have gutsy singers to hold up the rest of the choir. (That and it makes him a natural soloist.)

So when he stands up straight and pushes with his diaphragm, can he make his voice echo off the back of the auditorium? He might have to pitch his voice a little deeper to do it.

Posted by: The Thomas at April 29, 2013 10:15 PM

You know... I don't know. I don't know if he's tried that.

I know that last week they were singing something and he hit a wrong note and the director stopped and said, 'Bones... you can't hit a wrong note..." and Bones said something like, 'Yeah, sorry. Sometimes it happens." to which the Director said, pointing to the other baritones, "They, THEY can hit a wrong note, but YOU have to get it right!"

So it's starting to become a running joke.

I think it has something to do with the physics and air movement with his body shape. He has this really broad chest for his size and a long torso. The kid can really move some air. There was never any doubt where he was in the house when he was a baby.

Posted by: Bou at April 29, 2013 10:42 PM

I switched schools my senior year of HS. Before I joined the choir at my new school, it had always been Todd L-- and the AHS choir. After I joined, it was Todd L--, WB and the AHS choir!

Todd L-- and I were the loud ones who carried our sections!

Glad you're feeling nearly 100%

Posted by: writersblock at April 30, 2013 07:53 AM