July 17, 2013

More Fashion Sense than Bones...

Mr T is in the process of learning how to drive and is now my official chauffeur. He's actually doing really really well and I expect he'll get his license in the next couple months.

I still find it unnerving, teaching a kid to drive. In all honesty, I'm not really teaching him, however. His Dad has given him the basics, he had a 1.5 hour driving lesson, and so I'm just getting him time on the road. I'm trying to make sure he logs all the conditions he could encounter: driving east in the morning, west at night, heavy traffic, rain, pending rain, dark, dark and rain, etc.

It'll be a couple months before he logs enough time I'm comfortable with. I expect he'll be my chauffeur until October when I finally think it's safe enough for him to do his own thing.


The trip through the South was very fun. My niece has her own view of fashion, which is very entertaining.

We went to dinner and ice cream with her dressed as the hip devil cowgirl.

Devil boots.jpg

Red cowboy boots, black leggings and a devil costume. Very fun. I think I want to be four again...

(God save me. My boys are sitting here watching a Hooters swimsuit pageant or something while I blog. We need more estrogen in this house. Mine is dwindling too much to offset all the testosterone...)

Meanwhile, my youngest niece has this thing about Toy Story. She has a shirt with all the characters on it. It's called the 'woodybuzz' shirt. That is one word.

She has big characters and small... all sizes of Woody, Buzz and Jesse. They are named by size, Big Jesse, little Jesse, baby Jessy.

Thankfully there was only one Woody doll. I think Big Woody would have been a little odd.

Anyway, there is Baby Buzz, Little Buzz, and Big Buzz.

This particular Jesse is missing arms. They got plucked off. Can you guess the name of this one?

tholidamide jesse.jpg

Nope. You can't. This one has been dubbed by a family member as Thalidomide Jesse.

We're not so into politically correct... Heh. She may eventually be the only 2 year old that can pronounce Thalidomide...

Posted by Boudicca at July 17, 2013 09:18 PM

*snicker* I love the outfit and wish I was four and could wear that. Very cool. I may still have to dye my hair a funky color.

Posted by: vwbug at July 19, 2013 05:55 AM

I'm at work, taking a break, reading this post, laughing my ass off!!! LOVE that you're not so politically correct. We need more of it in the world.

Your niece is precious and I, too, wish I were 4 again.

As far as giving Mr. T driving time, you've got more guts than I ever did. I never took my kids out. That was their dad's job!!

Posted by: PeggyK at July 19, 2013 09:03 AM

My grand wears a Princess dress pretty much every day she can talk us into it....and it doesn't matter what she is doing, bikes, digging, chasing the cat....she loves the dress. And she is adorable in it....things change so fast....dress up is a good thing

Posted by: Trudy at July 19, 2013 10:39 AM

Ha - I was the one who did all the student driver stuff with my kids. They both took driver's ed, but I was the one in the car with them daily, not my husband. I don't know why, but so it was.

My son was much better than my daughter when learning to drive, but with that came some fun with physics. Our street had some 90 degree curves. It was Chicago burbs and winter. I knew those streets and exactly where the slick spots were. I told him... slow down, it's slick up there at the curve... he didn't because really... what does mom know??? We did a lovely 360 in the middle of the street when he hit the brake to slow down. LOL. Very luckily we didn't hit the mail boxes on either side. I still don't know how we managed that. After that one, he listened a bit better when I said "you may want to take care". LOL.

Posted by: Teresa at July 19, 2013 10:55 AM

Her father was the courageous one and taught all three how to drive...bless his heart. However, I can pull into parking spaces most others avoid. Probably a skill perfected at the malls.

Posted by: mom at July 19, 2013 03:21 PM

Makes me wonder ... what did Bones dress like when he was 4?

Our oldest son went through a phase where he had to wear a suit coat and tie everywhere. He looked like a little televangelist. One of our son's friends went through a phase where he wore his swim goggles 24-7.

Posted by: PeggyU at July 22, 2013 03:06 AM

When Bones was 4, he dressed as Hulk once a week for preschool. It was that Hulk costume with the muscles.

And once a week he dressed as an Indian from Thanksgiving.

He also has a Nemo shirt with a collar. EVERY week. So three days out of five were covered.

Blog post reminder... something that happened last week.

Posted by: Bou at July 22, 2013 10:22 PM