August 15, 2013

When Football Sucks Your Soul Dry

I couldn't start a Fantasy Football league because there is so much dang drama.

Both my boys are on the phone playing intermediary because people are pissed. "That idiot did nothing but choose receivers and now he only wants to trade his bench players for one of my top of the line..."

"Joe Blow didn't show up for the draft and so the computer picked his players and he got a great team, beating people out, that he'd never have gotten if he'd picked his own."

And on and on.

Bones came in and said, "It's 11:30 and they're both on the phone talking football..."

I replied, "Too much drama. I don't need that crap in my life..."

Right. So we'll see how this goes.

Meanwhile... we are getting ready for school, winding down the summer. Every summer there is a little paint your pottery place that we visit. My boys have been doing this since they were little, so now it's a tradition.

God forbid should be break with tradition.

So it was deemed that today would be the day that we went down there. My 18, 16 and 14 year old boys... going to paint your own pottery.

Whereas before we all showed up in my minivan, a tumble of boys pouring forth, this time, they show up in their car, and I show up in the mini-van, which by the way, will not make it to 250K but more on that later.

And whereas before they painted little animals, clocks, and masks, now they are painting... big ass ice cream bowls, the color of their favorite college teams.

Whereas before they talked about friends, pokemon or school, now they talked Fantasy Football and what player got hurt, who's getting traded, and how their teams are going to fair.

I had my laptop and did work, listening to them give each other hell while painting ice cream bowls they could be using in 30 years when they have their own kids.



The asexual Mom-Mobile. It has served me well. It will be 10 years old to me in June. It currently had 228000 miles in it.

It has been all over the south, taken kids to their first day of kindergarten and their first day of college.

It is has a crack that runs the entire length of the dash, the catalytic converter quit (again), the cruise control doesn't work, and the driver passenger door has to be manually unlocked. The electric lock doesn't work at all.

I remember when I was helping to field the C-17 out at Charleston AFB. I went with a co-worker to gather Mission data from the C-141 pilots. A series of questions were asked and answered while we took notes.

Finally, one of the -141 pilots said, "Flying the C-141 is like being in the flight simulator. You know there's going to be an in flight emergency, you just don't know what it's going to be..."

And that's about where we are with my mini-van now. Every dang week it's something.

I've made peace with the fact it's happening this year. I'm going to end up getting a SUV as I still want something on the large side with kids to haul to college and two kids still learning to drive.

I'm just aggravated as hell as I don't want a frickin' car payment.

It's been nice. But I think this chapter is closing. I just hope to make it to February so I can get a good deal on this years models if I don't buy used.


Posted by Boudicca at August 15, 2013 10:39 PM

After seventeen years, surprisingly the transmission was still holding up, but the plastic pieces hardened and shattered. That meant the A/C blower froze in the defrost position, the radio no longer worked, any latches made of plastic no longer worked and I couldn't keep windshield washer fluid for longer than a few days.

However, for a Grand Caravan, the transmission still worked and there were no payments. That's what I kept telling myself as I'd angle the sun-visor to deflect the A/C off the windshield for a little cool air. *grin*

Just as your boys are avid football fans, my DH knows Craigslist. He found a seven year-old Lexus SUV with low mileage and the previous owner kept meticulous records. It honestly feels like I have a brand new car. The funny thing is, I'd driven without a radio for so long I keep forgetting to turn it on in this car. I've gotten used to the quiet.

I hope you have a successful hunt.

Posted by: cin at August 16, 2013 01:42 AM

Oh I forgot that you can't always change the radio station. That's a weird quirky thing that's happened.

There is no way this car would make it 17 years. I'd have 400,000 miles on it!

Posted by: Bou at August 16, 2013 07:47 AM

Start making car payments to yourself now, it'll get you in the habit and you'll have a downpayment which will help keep payments lower (hey, every little bit helps)

Posted by: bbuddha at August 16, 2013 11:18 AM

Since you don't have to contend with tallness (that is our deciding factor when purchasing a vehicle). Have a look at the Nissan Pathfinder. We really really wanted one of them when we were buying, but unfortunately my husband didn't fit in the driver seat!!! Even with the seat reclined he had to tilt his head. Annoying.

But the Pathfinder we looked at had a great rear section with a rubberized floor so if you put wet or dirty stuff on it, it could easily be washed out. Loved that feature. Then you don't have to purchase a separate floor covering type thing to go in the back of the vehicle.

Our second option was the Subaru Forester which is a great vehicle if it has a sunroof (this - for some reason seems to lend the vehicle some sort of stability) Once again my husband doesn't fit with the sunroof and without it, the vehicle (brand new) rattled like mad. *double sigh*

With your three you might look at the Subaru Outback. Being in a place that is flat and gets no snow, you may really like that. It has a larger rear cargo area. For us, the front part ahead of the front tires was too far out and it doesn't work with our steep driveway in the snow.

Of course I can't complain. We got a used Mercedes ML350 and we love it. Not only does my husband have plenty of headroom even with a sunroof (unheard of in any other car we've ever been in) but the back seats are tall enough to hold my son (who is 6'5") - also unheard of. Spent more than we wanted, but it drives beautifully and has an even better turn radius than my Audi A4... something very necessary since we live in the land of U-Turns. heh.

Posted by: Teresa at August 17, 2013 10:19 AM

Maybe get a truck with a tonneau cover on the back. Our Tundra got five grown people to Wisconsin and back without killing each other.

Posted by: Mrs. Who at August 17, 2013 06:58 PM

Do you still need a mini-van? I had a Grand Caravan that was in about this status. We ended up buying a 1-year-old used Toyota Prius. I know you don't want to take on a car payment, but consider the impact that going from 16 miles/gallon to 48 miles/gallon (the actual mileage I'm getting) will have on that car payment.

Posted by: RonF at August 19, 2013 02:42 PM