December 05, 2013

Becareful What You Ask For...

Two days ago, one of Bones teachers put out a plea for paper. Evidently each teacher is only allowed so much paper and then when it's out... it's out. He made it nearly a semester.

Immediately I sent him a note and told him we were good for some paper and I'd have Bones bring it in to school.

This morning Bones had a late start, so after doing some volunteer work at T's school, I took him to Office Depot, having decided that I would just buy a box of paper. And as good fortune would have it, paper was on sale so Bones said "Mom! Just get him two!"

That's two boxes... 20 reams of paper. What the heck.

So we loaded it up and took it to the school. My thought is if I can pay for private school for T, I can surely buy paper for the public school. I'll buy whatever supplies the teachers need.

Evidently I am not alone in that thought.

I walked up to the Student Services window and said to the woman, "I have two boxes of paper for Mr. B. Can you tell him it's here?" I'd already sent him an email from Office Depot telling him what we were doing.

And she got on the speaker and said to him, "Mr. B. There are all these parents here with all this paper. Can you come down here and get it? I don't have room!"

And I looked at Bones and said, "wow, big E factor. One Mom with two boxes of paper?"

Mr. B came down and that was when I became aware, overhearing a woman say, "And I have boxes in my car..." and another mother say, "and I have paper..." that I realized that there were many overcompensating Moms and he now has enough paper for the entire department.

Evidently, he only needed 3 or 4 reams to get him through a quarter. He now has enough to get him through a couple years...

Posted by Boudicca at December 5, 2013 11:10 PM