December 10, 2013


My son is home from college and all appears to be right with our world. The table was set for five again and the conversation was if it didn't skip a beat.

At one point, Ringo said, "I missed this..."

The four of them just traipsed out to Publix because we were in NEED of apple pie.

The eating has commenced.

As I left a luncheon today, standing on the corner for me to enter the main drag to the highway was a man dressed in Jesus clothes with a cross 3/4 the size of one I would think would be used for a crucifixion.

The irony was not lost on me that as I left a luncheon for the mentally ill, on Okeechobee Blvd stood a big bald white guy, dressed in shepard's clothing circa about 1 AD holding a near life sized cross on his back.

And it's not Easter time. It's CHRISTMAS.

Bones has all As right now. The plan we set up for him is working!


Work is NUTS. I'll be working through Christmas break, although I was informed today I am not allowed to work Christmas Eve. I thought things would be dying down... but they are ramping up.

For the first time... I'm pushing that 40 hour envelope and I've been warned I'm not allowed to do OT. Crazy times...

I bought reindeer antlers and a Rudolph nose for my car. Some things to know should you purchase some:

1) They are LOUD, the vibration, over 30 mph.

2) It is easy to find you car when you're parked in a big lot. The antlers just kind of stick out.

3) It's a real pain in the neck if you want to roll down your window. Don't even THINK of rolling down your window when going down I95. The antler will just fly off into traffic behind you. Can you imagine going 80 down -95 and getting hit by a stuffed reindeer antler?

Every day, I come home from work, I pull up to my mailbox, roll down my window, and get the mail.

Today, I rolled down the window and, "FLINK", I watched the antler pop off in the road and I drove the last 3 feet to the mailbox.

Bones: Did that antler just... pop off?

Me: Dang it.

Bones: Looks like you can't roll down your windows.

Me: I'll forget. I'm going to forget.

Bones: Mom, I'll jump out and get it, but do me a favor and REMEMBER I'm behind the car getting the antler, OK? You're memory is garbage lately...

Sheesh. Not good when your son calls you out on it...

Posted by Boudicca at December 10, 2013 10:37 PM

LOL - well it sound like (at least with Ringo) you won't get hit with the first year "I'm all grown up" phase. That's when they go away to school, can do what they want when they want, when they get home, they want to continue in the same vein... Why not? You mean you need more than 15 minutes notice whether or not I'll be home for dinner??? You mean I should call you if I'm going to be out late??? What do you mean you are worried I might be in a car accident???

That drove me nuts with my kids.

Garbage memory - I told my kids I blamed it all on them. My memory was fine when all I had to do was worry about my own stuff, once I had to worry about mine plus theirs... the system broke. ;)

Posted by: Teresa at December 11, 2013 04:18 PM

Inquiring minds want to know: did the "cross" have casters on it to make it easier to "drag"?

It could be the same young man that graced our city 20+ years ago. My brother mentioned his appearance in your capitol city back a bit, so he may have moved to a "somewhat" warmer climate.

Its been enough years that he would be balding by now.

Now if he had dark hair and looked somewhat goofy, it might have been my college roommate. (I had all kinds.)

Posted by: The Thomas at December 11, 2013 04:29 PM

And ... did you try silicone caulk to glue the antlers to the window?

You wouldn't lose them that way and the caulk peels off when the season is over.

Posted by: The Thomas at December 11, 2013 04:31 PM

Teresa- Nope! He's not at all! I will say, I didn't miss someone strolling in at 1AM. Ugh.

Thomas- It did not appear to! In The Prince of Tides, the grandfather added wheels to his cross.

I know the guy you're talking about. I think this guy looked too young. This guy was bald because he shaved his head.

I hadn't thought about silicone to my window...

Posted by: Bou at December 11, 2013 10:23 PM

The guy we had up here, a street preacher (loud), built his cross out of 4x4s.

He needed casters because he didn't have Simon of Cyrene to help him drag it around.

Forty pounds of wood doesn't seem like much until you've dragged it around for a while.

Posted by: The Thomas at December 11, 2013 11:52 PM